08 October 2007

How To Cut Your Carbon Paw Print

shared by Anne Grace
from Newsweek - for the full article, click here: Carbon Paw Print

Instead of plastic bags for waste, try biodegradable waste containers like the Skooperbox ($11.99 for a pack of 30; skooperbox.com) or PoopBags' litter-box liners ($18.40 for 20; poopbags.com). Use environmentally friendly cat litter, which avoids clay-based litters that are produced through strip mining (learn more at worldwise.com). To find dog and cat toys made out of earth-friendly products like recycled plastic bottles or hemp, log on to ecoanimal.com. Your dog can even make a fashion statement with a 100 percent organic cotton kimono ($22.90 at sckoon.com). With all that newfound social consciousness, your pet deserves a spa treatment. Look no farther than Cain & Able (cainandablecollection.com), a line of all-natural dog shampoos and sprays that, in truly Orwellian fashion, were first tested on humans.


  1. try flushable dog poop bags at flushdoggy.com

  2. It’s an absolute annoyance, but your dog’s waste can pose a huge threat to the sanitation

    levels in your surroundings. You can’t have your pet’s poop sticking on your shoes, messing

    up your backyard, your neighbors’ lawns, or even park grounds. The smell of doggy doo can

    turn anyone’s stomach, attract flies, germs, and even pollute the nearby water supply.

    That’s why you need to have a steady supply of Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags on hand. Dog poop

    bags are the best answer to your dog’s leavings, and while many people make do with ordinary

    plastic bags, think what that’s going to do to the environment. A single plastic bag will

    take a minimum of 500 years to disintegrate! Biodegradable dog waste bags, on the other

    hand, will ensure you can ditch your dog’s poop without hurting the earth in the process.

    With these sanitary doggie bags, neat disposal of your pet’s poop is as simple as scooping

    it up, tying the poop bags closed, and throwing it in the trash. You won’t even have to fret

    about escaping odors. Biodegradable dog poop bags come in scented and colorful rolls that,

    amazingly enough, add personality to your trash bin. Now who wouldn’t want that kind of

    garbage-scaping deal? Make sure you have a good stock of Biodegradable dog poop bags, and

    you won’t have to worry about you – or anyone else – playing footsie with a dog pie.
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