02 December 2012

Gaël Aguilera (Deaf Comedian): EARTH

Beautiful video poetry!

19 October 2012

07 June 2012

Sharing Gardens

Share your garden with us. It can be from tiny containers to large garden areas. Remember, this is no competition!

Deaf gardeners unite!

Grow to Inspire

13 May 2012

Matthias Ranner

Germany, Berlin

about me
Hiya! I was born in bavaria, for me its the greenest state in Germany. My father a farmer, so I grew up around the Nature. And always get the feeling, that it is urgent to be aware about the Nature and that she is speaking to us the whole time.

eco skills  Because of being vegetarian, I know, that I am doing for the Earth a lot, therefore I think, its a skill.  I am working always on my consumption. I try my best to to reduce the consumption, which is not always easy in the 21th and in a city with people around without mindfulness. Instead of driving a car ride a bike or take public transport. Well, i am interested in all ways, so just everything.

eco interests deep ecology, mountain hike, ecophilosophy/ecospirituality, druidism and buddhism, herballore/botany, aikido, climbing, reiki, meditation

contact postmassi at googlemail dot com

03 April 2012

09 March 2012

Matthias Ranner: From Berlin, Seeking Internship

Ladies and gentlemen,

my Name is Matthias. I´m from Germany. I´m born deaf.
I study Socialwork in Berlin. At the present I am in 2th semester. In the fifth semester
I´m gonna to do my internship for 5 or 6 months.

Yes, because of my coming internship I write you this email.
I seek for an internship, which would match or has to do something with my interests.
I hope, you can help me further.

For my internship I would like to do something in the direction of pedagogic, education and/or spirituality. Such as outdoor/experience education, circus pedagogic, deep ecology. As well work for awareness and mindfulness. Maybe something in Buddhism or in spiritual elements. Maybe something with holistic basis. Maybe something in relation with the Nature. Maybe in a meditation-center for deaf. Do you know something of this for deaf people?

I want to do something and to learn for the future of our generation and for our after childrens
in a sign-language place or deaf-friendly place. There who signs a language. Just something
for deaf do-gooders. =)

If you have this for me or any idea or suggestion, I read!

Kind regards from Berlin,

postmassi at googlemail dot com

note from EcoDeaf: See his EcoDeaf Bio coming soon!

04 March 2012

Event: Natural Childbirth Classes

Pregnant? Want the best possible birth experience for you and your baby?
Come learn about natural childbirth using the Bradley Method.
Classes will prepare you and your husband/partner for labor and birth.
Topics include nutrition, exercise, creating a birth plan, the stages of labor, birth and postpartum.

Heather Kendrick, instructor, is a Deaf mother of 5 children, all born naturally.
She is the only Deaf AAHCC certified Bradley instructor in the nation.

If you are due in June, July or August this is the class for you.
The 12 week series of classes will begin Thursday March 8 at 5pm at Galludet University.

Contact me for more information:

Check out my website:

23 February 2012

Reuse: Hubcap Birdbath

Make your own birdbath with hubcaps.

30 January 2012

Anna R. Schwartzbach

Humboldt County, CA

about me Hello there! My name is Anna and I am a deaf eco-advocate! Born and raised in the Bay Area, California, to hearing parents, I have always been a part of both the deaf and the hearing world and proud to be so. I hail to you today from the foggy coast of Humboldt County where I am currently finishing my graduate degree where I am studying the relationships between increasing gasoline prices and alternate transportation.

ecoskills Skills… Not so much skills but a general awareness of how my actions, the products I buy, and the food I consume influence the environment as well as the socio-economic impacts that also result from my actions. A semi-vegetarian, I make a large effort to only eat local, wild and organic food when it is affordable (college student during an economic recession, hello!). I do the usual: compost, recycle, reuse, the metallic Kleen Kanteen water bottle, the nerdy right pant-let-roll-up for biking, printing dual-sided on scratch paper for paper editing, using eco-font to reduce ink usage, making candlesticks out of wine bottles… all of that in a nutshell.

ecointerests have always had a huge interest in a LARGE variety of eco-related issues, specifically that of climate change, energy policy (especially in California) local agriculture development, slow/local food, and waste and energy reduction. I am also a biker, and in relation to my graduate research, I am also an advocate for all modes of alternate transportation and encouraging the reduction of local commuting via automobile! (You don’t need it! Don’t get a car-ass! Get out and enjoy the fresh air!).

contact aaschwarzbach at gmail dot com

I have always wondered if there are any organizations (preferably on the west coast) out there that focuses on any of these topics/issues and targets the D/HH community?? I am very interested in taking a similar concept of the EcoDeaf blog and applying it in local organizations and/or nonprofits! If you are a part of something like that and you are out there, please contact me!!!

03 January 2012

Marisa Soboleski


eco skills sustainable wildcrafting, birthwork, organic gardening/farming, cob and sustainable goods building, the three r's and repurposing, herbal healing, bartering and buying local/organic products

eco interests backpacking in the backcountry, rock climbing, sustainable agriculture, wild plants and food, homebirths and freebirths, yoga, land and forest restoration and preservation, raising earth-loving children, sustainability in mind/body/spirit and social interactions/exchange, and lots, lots more!

Contact marsiempre8 at gmail dot com