11 October 2013

Grateful Desert Gathering: November 23-30, 2013

The Grateful Desert Gathering
Celebrating the Sustainable Signing Community

November 23-30, 2013

Terlingua, Far West Texas 
 - in -
Big Bend Country 

To confirm your spot or to get more information, write to cassandrasirena @ gmail . com

A note from Cassa: 
Hello Everybody!

It is time of the year, where we gather together and celebrate sustainability and our sign language. Please do pass on this flyer to your friends and family. Thanks,

Hope to see all of you here,

29 May 2013

Gino Shares His Suburban Sprawl Experience Out in the Country

Gino grew up with farms around his property. Recently, many lands used to grow food and raise farm animals were sold to property developers which led to the boom of suburbia. Gino is holding onto his land for his horses and chickens while watching his country disappears. What can we do to stop the spread of suburbanization? Thanks Gino, for the vlog.

11 May 2013

A Quick Tour Outside of the Eco-Friendly House in Leveque, Haiti.

Tony gives a quick tour outside of Williams's eco-friendly home in Leveque, Haiti. Emmanuel Jacq volunteered to be the cameraman and contributed a few minutes of his time to EcoDeaf. Emmanuel is the co-founder and the executive director of the International Deaf Emergency (IDE).  Visit www.ideafe.org to learn more about the work of IDE in Haiti.

*Please note that I signed Haiti wrong in the beginning of the v-log. To sign Haiti the right way, use both letters the H and I, instead of H alone, over the "island" hand, which I signed it correctly at the end of the v-log. It took me a while to change that signing habit after I was corrected by the Deaf Haitians during my visit. If you look at the map of Haiti, you'll see how it makes sense to use both the H and I letters. -Tony

Many thanks to Williams and Emmanual for making this v-log happen!! 

29 April 2013

The Truth about GMOS- explained in ASL!

Want to learn more about GMOs and non-GMOS? Amy Weaver explains it all in ASL- in this video.

More truths about GMOS...

26 April 2013

Deaf Haitians Rescuing & Saving Baby Wilson From the Pit Latrine

This video shows the latrine where Baby Wilson was thrown in by the parents, then eventually rescued and saved by the Deaf Haitians in the village of Leveque at Cabaret, Haiti.
  Please allow 17 seconds to pass by before the video actually starts playing. Tony had to record the video playing on an outdated MP3 player with the iPhone, then it was transferred via the USB port on Kathryn Montoya's laptop, and then she uploaded it on her YouTube channel. This video of Deaf Haitians saving Baby Wilson is being preserved by Kathryn Montoya who regularly visits the village of Leveque in Caberet, Haiti. She is a great person to get in touch with if anyone is interested in traveling with a group of people to Haiti.

Kathryn can be reached through her website: CB Deaf Ministry.

Thank you Kathryn! For sharing the video of "Saving Baby Wilson!" with EcoDeaf!

Stay tuned for another Haiti video soon!

20 April 2013

Sainteloi Williams Talks about the Deaf Village in Leveque, Haiti.

Sainteloi Williams tells the story how a group of Deaf Haitians banded together and relocated to the village of Leveque after earthquake struck Port-au-Prince in 2010. Williams shares how the Deaf villagers discovered and saved a baby who was thrown down in the latrine, or commonly known as the pit toilet, by the hearing parents. Imagine what it would be like to relocate to a new land to start your life all over again after going through a natural disaster?

The video was recorded on 04/06/2013 by Tony Brucato.

Stay tuned for more Haiti videos!

15 April 2013

A Deaf Haitian Showing Friends on How to Peel and Cut a Mango.

 Peel and cut the mango the right way to get the most fruit out of it.

Mackenson Saint Louis shows the 410 Bridge Group members of 2013 April 5th-13th on how to peel and cut a mango like the Haitians do. Mackenson is one Deaf leaders from the Deaf Village in Leveque which is located in the country of Cabaret, Haiti. The film was recorded by Tony Brucato.

Stay tuned for more videos from Haiti. :)

28 March 2013

Solar Liberty Foundation Donated Solar Kits to the Deaf Village in Leveque, Haiti.

Translation for non-signers: "Hello. My name is Tony Brucato. I am from Buffalo, New York. I came to Solar Liberty Foundation, which is is abbreviated as SLF. SLF is founded and run by Paige Mecca. SLF's mission is to donate solar kits to poor, developing nations. The kits provide solar energy. SLF donated four solar kits to the Deaf Village in Leveque, Haiti. Here I will show you how the kit works. This is the solar panel which absorbs the energy from the sun. This is the battery where the solar energy is stored. This is the whole array of chargers for cell phones, cameras and laptops. And for night times, when there is no electricity, Deaf Haitians can use these two solar LED lights to chat in sign language. That's how it works. I am really excited about bringing and giving the kits to the Deaf Village in Haiti. We thank, thank (signed it twice) Solar Liberty Foundation for the donation. Thank you very much!"

On behalf of Solar Liberty Foundation, thank YOU, Tony!
Website: Solar Liberty Foundation

Stay tuned for more Haitian stories!

18 March 2013


Anthony gives a brief demo on how to use miswak. Miswak is a natural twiggy toothbrush and it is still commonly used in Africa and Middle East. Miswak has been around for thousands of years and there is no reason to discontinue it due to having modern toothbrushes and dental care. Cleaning the teeth with miswak is naturally fun and it has benefits such as reducing the build-ups of plaque and gingivitis. It can be used to pass the time such as meditating or tending a vegetable garden. Miswak can be found at some natural food stores. For your own health safety, consult your dentist and do some research on miswak before giving it a try.

08 February 2013

Natural Childbirth Classes: Bradley Method

Pregnant? Living in the DC Metro area?

Want the best possible birth experience for you and your baby?
Come learn about natural childbirth using the Bradley Method. 
Classes will prepare you and your partner for labor and birth.

Topics include nutrition, exercise, creating a birth plan, the stages of labor, birth and postpartum.

Heather Kendrick, instructor, is a Deaf mother of 5 children, all born naturally.
She is the only Deaf AAHCC certified Bradley instructor in the nation.

If you are due in May, June, July or August this is the class for you.

The 12 week series of classes will begin the 3rd week of  February.
Contact me for more information: Heather@thekendricks.org

Check out my website: