29 February 2008

Vending Machine

As a student, I have a love-hate relationship with vending machines - they have so much crap in them, but when I'm hungry and nothing around is open... vending machines are always there with their -reassuring- junk food.  

But if there was a vote to ban them - I would ban them - UNTIL I SAW THIS VENDING MACHINE!

A vending machine selling donated, used books!  Those used books go for .50 cents each.  Imagine if all of our schools, hospitals and workplaces were supplied with them?  

I know, I know...books aren't too filling, but we could have them supplied with healthy foods such as these yummy organic raw food bars (Alynn and I vouch for their yummy-ness)!  

Those bars are sold at Whole Foods and probably at other natural foods stores in the energy bars section.

Out with junk food!  In with books and healthy food!
Kudos to University of Maryland - Baltimore Hospital!

27 February 2008

EcoDeaf on i711

Check out Channel i on i711 (www.i711.com)
EcoDeaf's link follows a vlog titled "The Theory of Protests"!

click on:

Lauren Teruel Ridloff discusses the history of protesting to demand changes in our world. She gives several examples of protests and how the Deaf community can become an active voice in various issues, not necessarily related to deaf and hard of hearing issues. One example of this is EcoDeaf in which we come together to raise awareness about and to advocate environmental protection.

25 February 2008

Leave No Trace: An Introduction

The seven Leave No Trace (LNT) principles help guide our actions to minimize our impact upon the environment. The vlog below introduces the seven principles and future vlogs will look into each principle in greater detail. Think about these principles as guidance, not only when you do activities outdoors, but also in your daily lives.

The seven LNT principles are:

- plan ahead and prepare
- travel and camp on durable surfaces
- dispose of waste properly
- leave what you find
- minimize campfire impacts
- respect wildlife
- be considerate of others

You can find more information at www.lnt.org

21 February 2008

Deaf Prom 2008 - Goods sold at ASL Expo!

Find some handmade goods sold at the ASL Expo in San Diego this Saturday, February 23rd!!

Some things are made in response to the need to reduce waste, such as decorative and reusable napkins!

13 February 2008

Video of Global Warming Workshops at Gallaudet

Green Gallaudet, an environmental organization hosted Gallaudet's very first global warming teach-in, called "Focus The Nation". This was conducted simultaneously with thousand of other colleges and universities all over the nation on January 31st.

What we do everyday makes an impact on earth and its temperature rises - how can we reduce our contribution to global warming? On January 31st Gallaudet faculty, staff, students and visitors learned from numerous presenters and booths about many different ways about how we can make less of an impact and tread lightly on Mother Earth so next generations can enjoy what we take for granted today.

This video is a quick showcase of the day's presenters, Green Gallaudet members, visitors, students and booths. Enjoy... and think about what kinds of changes you can make today!

If this video does not play/work, you can go directly to the video here:

This video was produced by Gallaudet's e-learning and Video Services department. They have graciously allowed us to post the video here for your pleasure. Cheers to them!

P.S. Full videos of each presenter on the 31st will be available online. We will let you know as soon as we find out!

Presenter schedule for January 29, 30 & 31st at Gallaudet:

Tuesday, January 29

2 p.m.: "Smoking..." presented by a Deaf Doctor, Dr. Carolyn R. Stern of Gallaudet Student Health Services, www.deafdoc.org

3 p.m.: "Energy Healing - Reiki Master" presented by Colleen Shaw, Certified Deaf Reiki Master

4 p.m.: "Why We Should Incorporate Raw Foods in Our Lifestyles" presented by Alynn Davis, Deaf Raw Foods Chef, dazzlingraw.com

Wednesday, January 30

2 p.m.: "Veganism: Making It Personal: Global Warming and Veganism," presented by Sherita Bolden, Gallaudet Interpreting Services

3 p.m.: "Environmental Ethics," presented by Teresa Burke, Faculty, Department of Philosophy and Religion

Thursday, January 31

8:45 a.m. and 1:45 p.m.: "15-minute Yoga," hosted by Gwendolyn Roberts Francavillo, Gallaudet's Health and Wellness Program Coordinator

9 a.m.: "Introduction to Climate Change: Current Issues and Implications for the Future," presented by Dr. Caroline Solomon, Faculty, Biology Department

10 a.m.: "Food for the Future: Shopping and Eating Sustainability," presented by Rhea Kennedy, Gallaudet Public Relations Office, Green Chef www.youaredelicious.net

11 a.m.: "Global Warming: The Spreading of Infectious Diseases," presented by Dr. Jane Dillehay, Faculty, Biology Department

Noon: "Kick-Off Speech," presented by President Robert Davila

12:30 p.m.: Biotour Presentation and Tour of Biodiesel Bus

2 p.m.: "Old Habits Die Easily: How Psychology Can Help Stop Climate Change," presented by Dr. Raylene Paludneviciene, Faculty, Psychology Department

3 p.m.: "How Yoga Can Help Reduce Global Warming," presented by Beverly Hanyzewski, Deaf Certified Yoga Teacher www.deafheartyoga.com

5 p.m.: Panel Discussion with Gary Aller, Executive Director of Business and Support Services at Gallaudet; Meloyde Batten-Mickens, Executive Director of the Physical Plant Department at Gallaudet; Mr. Michael Fields, Gallaudet University Architect; Leah Katz-Hernandez, Gallaudet SBG Representative; Dr. Caroline Solomon, Green Gallaudet Faculty Advisor, moderated by Darian Burwell, Presidential Assistant, Diversity Relations.

6 p.m.: "Global Warming: Ecological Systems," presented by William Snape, Gallaudet Swim Coach/Fellow in Environmental Law at American University and Dan Millikin, Deaf Environmental Protection Agency attorney

10 a.m. & 7 p.m.: "An Inconvenient Truth," presented by Bradley Porsche, the only Deaf presenter of the 1,000 representatives trained by former Vice President Al Gore

11 February 2008

Shannon Graham

Masters student at the University of Hawai'i at Hilo
studying Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science and my specialty is sea turtle conservation and ecology. 

ecointerests   vary from reducing/reusing/recycling to sustainability to restoration. I worked on a marine debris clean-up crew hauling fishing nets to reduce incidential bycatch of marine animals. I've had a hybrid since 2004 and will never buy a 100% gas fueled vehicle again. I have property in Hawai`i and do my best to eradicate invasive flora and propagate the native hapu`u tree fern. My goal this year is to bring plastic containers with me to restaurants for left-overs. 

website   I have a grad student website that has information about my research: http://www2.hawaii.edu/~tcbes/links/sgraham.htm

09 February 2008

Volunteer Opportunity in Hawai'i

Aloha from Hawai`i.

I'm a Deaf grad student studying sea turtle feeding ecology on the Big Island and I'm seeking for two volunteers to help with 2+months of field work sometime from mid-May to mid-August

Duties include assisting with satellite unit deployment and tissue sampling, monitoring nests, handling and tagging turtles, and rescuing stranded hatchlings. Assistants must be able to hike several miles to nesting sites, camp in remote areas, function with little sleep (5/6 hours a night), and communicate fluently in ASL. This is a good opportunity for conservation science fanatics to get some field experience. Contact Shannon at scgraham@hawaii.edu for an application. Application is due March 1st, 2008.