29 July 2010

Lawn Envy

I have lawn envy. I look at my neighbor's lawn across from my home and I see a beautiful sunny green lawn.

My own yard has many mature trees and its hard to grow anything here other than moss. I have fantasies of going over to my neighbor and asking if I can at least plant a couple of peach trees or blueberry bushes.

This neighbor is the kind that still brings home food in plastic bags. I doubt the very idea of growing her own food has entered her mind. What to do...what to do...

28 July 2010

Furoshiki: the Japanese art of cloth gift wrapping

Here's a link to a cool instructional pdf by Japan's Ministry of the Environment on how to wrap gifts with cloth you can use again and again. Use this next time you give someone a wine bottle, book, or gift box!! Ditch the paper gift wrapper.


23 July 2010

A Review of Gorilla Food

Going to Vancouver on a business trip, I searched online for vegetarian friendly fare, and discovered a PETA recommendation - one of the top ten vegetarian restaurants in North America was in Vancouver! Off I went to Gorilla Food, a raw, organic, vegan cafe in British Columbia, Canada. This vlog depicts the food I ordered and the state of bliss I was in at that time :) I also discuss briefly the philosophy behind raw food eating. This cafe gets two gorilla thumbs up!

What I ate/drank:
almonds, cacao, bananas, hempseeds, date, coconut oil
Ahimsa Alfredo
Linguini “New”dles spun from zucchini then smothered in a rich white cashew cream.
Served a la carte or with your choice of dressings and a side Medicinal Mesclun Salad.
GO Veggie Burger
A stack of two veggie burger patties thickly topped with guacamole, fresh tomato slices, cucumber slices, shredded seasonal veggies and a ginger-tomato ketchup.
Served in a lettuce leaf bun.

Of course, the main reason why I went there - dessert!
Dark Raw Chocolate Fudge
Something that keeps gorillas coming to work even on days off!
Chocolate Truffles
Smooth creamy orbs of differing decadent delicious superfood pleasures!
Butterfly Bliss
Infused chocolate flowers topped with a fresh walnut and raw caramel.
Maca Choco-Roons
Cacao, coconut, maca root and dates - these are definitely the new jazz haystacks!
Chocolate Protein Orbs
Highly hemped and algae powered!
Sweet orbs made of cacao, seeds, nuts and body benefiting bounties!

And some cookies - chocolate almond pecan, orange walnut spice, etc.

Yes, I'm a big eater :) Hush! :)

05 July 2010

Join the Kombucha Tea Party!

Darla gives the basics on the "elixir" known as Kombucha Tea. Brewing your own is fun and doable!

01 July 2010


From my heart to yours~