25 March 2010

Gallaudet Cafeteria becomes more Green-er

Members of Green Gallaudet environmental organization shares how the Gallaudet cafeteria has gone green-er!

18 March 2010

Book Review: Skinny Bitch

The book Skinny Bitch covers the convincing reasons in starting and maintaining the vegan lifestyle with tons of animal rights information included. Skinny Bitch has the radical tone in its prose so it may not be for the people with language sensitivity.

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Thank you Katherine for sharing this book with EcoDeaf.

03 March 2010

Order Living Food Farm DVDs!

We, Ron & Shirley Johnson wanted to let you all know that we accomplished our first DeafNation Expo at Tampa, FL. Now we are enroute to Phoenix, Arizona for the second DeafNation Expo. If you are nearby Phoenix, stop by and see us.

We also are pleased to announce that our LFF's DVD is READY for you to watch and learn about our farming methods, about our history, and health topics! Our DVDs are only for people who use American Sign Language (ASL). It will only costs you $6.00 - you can click the link below and order today!


Stay warm and healthy,

Living Food Farm

To Ron and Shirley Johnson,
thank you for sharing this information with EcoDeaf!

We wish you good luck! Namaste!