03 March 2010

Order Living Food Farm DVDs!

We, Ron & Shirley Johnson wanted to let you all know that we accomplished our first DeafNation Expo at Tampa, FL. Now we are enroute to Phoenix, Arizona for the second DeafNation Expo. If you are nearby Phoenix, stop by and see us.

We also are pleased to announce that our LFF's DVD is READY for you to watch and learn about our farming methods, about our history, and health topics! Our DVDs are only for people who use American Sign Language (ASL). It will only costs you $6.00 - you can click the link below and order today!


Stay warm and healthy,

Living Food Farm

To Ron and Shirley Johnson,
thank you for sharing this information with EcoDeaf!

We wish you good luck! Namaste!


  1. It's about a hour long and it's only for $6.00.
    Living Food Farm

  2. It was so great to meet and chat with Ron & Shirley at the Phoenix Deafnation Expo! Very warm and loving people! I had a good time learning about what their farm and their products are about! They informed me they use green (plant) manure, not cow or animal manure, for fertilizing their farmland.

    I even learned something new about organic farms. Ron says it takes approximately 15 years for the soil to be free of most chemicals, but for farms to become certified organic, those farms only have to wait approximately 2 years before they are considered organic and certified, even if the same farms previously used non-organic products, chemicals or pesticides on the same land. It's a little disappointing, but at the same time, good information to know!

    Next time I go buy food from an "organic" farmer, I will ask how long did they wait to be certified. The larger the number of years, the safer I feel!

    I am looking forward to having Ron & Shirley or one of their kids to come to Arizona for a workshop within the year!

  3. That's great that green manure can be used rather than relying on a livestock. I hope to attend their workshop if they have one in the Northeast area.

    I am waiting for the arrival of the dvd I ordered so I look forward to it in the mail!

  4. Thank you for letting me know about the length of this film. The reviews look great! I will order the DVD on-line and add it to my Book/Video library once I have my internet service installed. Lookin' forward to viewing it while eating homemade organic popcorn.

    Ron and Shirley, please let me know if you are coming to Rochester, New York in the near future by any chance. Namaste y'all.

  5. I'm looking forward to watching the film, although I wonder if itd be possible to post it online on a website instead?