29 June 2009


From Sixwise.com:
When you step into your hot shower, you are inadvertently exposing your body to a slew of toxins that can damage your health, inside and out.

These toxins stem from a chemical that is added to the water supply on purpose, ironically to kill bacteria. The chemical is chlorine, and it's added to all public water supplies to kill disease-causing bacteria in the transport pipes and the water itself.

By taking a hot shower you end up absorbing over 600 percent more chlorine and other chemicals than you would from drinking the same un-filtered water all day!

From Raychelle:

The good news is that chlorine and other chemicals can be easily removed from your family's shower with many, many different types of filters currently on the market. Just google showerhead filters and/or tub filters and you'll find plenty, quite possibly at your local home store.

Click here to check my showerhead filter and my tub filter.

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28 June 2009

Water Bottles: Water Disaster

Click the below link to view a PowerPoint about Water Bottles and how very dangerous they are for us as humans and for earth.

Water Bottles: Water Disaster

Many thanks for the tip from the Living Food Farm Health Talk newsletter, produced by a deaf family who owns an organic farm in Minnesota.

16 June 2009

Humane Meats, Milk & Eggs

If "humane meats, milk & eggs" is new to you, basically humane foods means the animals were raised with freedom of movement, sunlight, grass and so on. The basic right of every human.

Most animals nowadays are put in cages where their feet grow fused with the metal cages on bottom of their cages, they never walk or run, see the sun and they're given many chemical shots to make them grow faster and fatter. They get their food through a hose that sprays on their face. Then when they need to be taken out to be killed for food, their legs are cut off from the cage (remember their feet grew into the cage platform). There are a lot more disgusting things about this scenario, such as how all the cages are piled on top of each other, so when one defecates or urinates, it goes all the way down on top of other animals. This is a horrible way to live and die.

How do we as powerful consumers put a stop to that? Buy meats, milk and eggs that say:

GOOD Start

“Cage free”

“Free range”

“Grass fed”


“Free range”

“Pasture raised”

“USDA organic”

The BEST Options

“American Humane Certified”

“Animal Welfare Approved”

“Certified Humane”

To read more about humane foods or animal-friendly foods, click here.

Many thanks for the tip from the Living Food Farm Health Talk newsletter, produced by a deaf family who owns an organic farm in Minnesota.

15 June 2009

Real People Use Reel Lawn Mower

Yup, this is the reel deal! Forget gasoline! No more stinky hands from pouring gas into the gas tank of the lawn mower. Forget cranking up the engine. Forget the nasty smell as you burn gas. Forget disturbing the peace with excessive noises coming from the lawn mower.

See how the dude in the video push the reel lawn mower in bare feet? Reel lawn mowers are relatively safer than gas-powered lawn mower. When you stop pushing the reel lawn mower, the blades stop spinning abruptly. It does not continue spinning for another three minutes or so like with the gas-powered lawn mower.

I love using reel lawn mower! I save gas money every time I use it! I do not have to take a trip to the gas station to fill up the gas tank, so I curb emissions from not driving my car! I like pushing the reel lawn mower in bare feet so that I can feel Earth as I do the job. I reckon it sure is the reel deal!!

Go Green! Get a Reel Lawn Mower!

To be safe, wear sneakers while cutting the grass with a lawn mower at all times.

Thank you sarafranchesca for sharing this video with the world.
Much Eco-preciated!


04 June 2009

Book Review: Planetwalker

Feel like reading an inspirational book over the summer?

Read Planetwalker.

Planetwalker is a life story about John Francis, PhD who gave up his car to walk around for the next 22 years. After John witnessed the oil spill in the ocean not too far from his hometown, he became disgusted with the increasing negative impacts on the environment from modern human endeavors which caused him to drop out of the petroleum society. He saw how birds and fishes were soaked in oil and how local people were rescuing them from death. Without a car, he walked across the town to see his doctor. He walked to the bar to see his friends. Before long, he trekked across North America and South America by feet.

Eventually, people in his town realized John was walking everywhere with a banjo and they thought he was crazy. Some people offered him car rides and he refused. John became tired of arguing with people about why he would not ride the car again when he knew their arguments would not go anywhere at all, so he became silent for 17 years. He looked up to ancient thinkers and philosophers on the reasons to stay silent and followed their ways. To communicate without voicing, he pantomimed with people. Then, he became familiar with Indian Sign Language, Signed Exact English, and American Sign Language. (Right on, John!)

When John Francis walked across the country from the west coast to the east coast, he stopped at universities to pick up his degrees. He met many interesting people including deaf folks and sign language interpreters along the way. For instance, King Jordan from Gallaudet University was mentioned in the book. Besides meeting inspirational people, he experienced eye-opening and life threatening moments while footing across America.

How did he survive while walking across the desert or through a blizzard? How did he communicate when giving a speech to a classroom of people? Did he have sign language interpreters with him during presentations? Did he start talking again? Did he ride the ambulance after he was hit by a car? What did he actually do to convince the federal government and petroleum companies to look at the consequences and costs of oil spills then do something about it? And what is he doing right now?

Find out and read the book my friends!

Thank you, John Francis, for sharing your life journey through your book.

Much Eco-preciated!

book review written by an EcoDeaf Contributer, Anthony Brucato