29 June 2009


From Sixwise.com:
When you step into your hot shower, you are inadvertently exposing your body to a slew of toxins that can damage your health, inside and out.

These toxins stem from a chemical that is added to the water supply on purpose, ironically to kill bacteria. The chemical is chlorine, and it's added to all public water supplies to kill disease-causing bacteria in the transport pipes and the water itself.

By taking a hot shower you end up absorbing over 600 percent more chlorine and other chemicals than you would from drinking the same un-filtered water all day!

From Raychelle:

The good news is that chlorine and other chemicals can be easily removed from your family's shower with many, many different types of filters currently on the market. Just google showerhead filters and/or tub filters and you'll find plenty, quite possibly at your local home store.

Click here to check my showerhead filter and my tub filter.

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  1. That was a nice video! Is that from Apple Iphone 3G? :) Niiiceee.

    This convinced me to get a shower filter soon. I will bring it up at the house meeting tomorrow. I already have the low-flow shower installed and now I am more eager to get the filter installed.

    This is making me wonder about Neti Pot. I use Neti Pot everyday. I don't boil the water. I better investigate that. I need to use Neti Pot every morning in order to reduce the sneezing effects. Plus since I began using Neti Pot, I hardly use tissues to clean my nostrils. Talking about saving trees... but.. with tap water having unfiltered chemicals and such, I could be doing more damages to my health.

    This is making me think a lot about how we badly pollute the land, water, and air. I wish people would just think about their impacts on the environment and purify Earth. I am glad this v-log is out to educate more people. It is a success every time a person changes his/her habits for the better.

    Mother Earth is proud of this post.

  2. Yessss! It was from Apple iPhone 3g s! I used a gorilla pod that has a suction cup- to hold it up like a tripod :) Then it went straight to YouTube in a few minutes. What a headache-free process!!!!

    Yes, I have a NetiPot myself too, and the instructions says to purify the water first - boiling it is one technique. Make sure it is cool before you pour it through your nose!!! Tee hee.

    I tend to use cloth napkins (or dirty clothes in the laundry) to blow my nose with. They're going in the laundry anyway, so no additional impact ha.

    Good luck with your shower filter! My mom says she loves it, and notices a huge difference with her skin and hair!

  3. Thanks for sharing!

    I never knew about NetiPot and something for me to consider. In the home, I just grab any cloth to blow my nose. As for out in the public, I need to get me some hankies that my late grandpa always carried with him when I grew up. He had a load of them :)

    Two things that come to mind that begs an answer. Any chance is the filter replacement cartilage recycable? It would be great if it is. With the filter, does it prevent flouride that comes out of tap water? Reason is flouride is good for our teeth, especially childrenI n. Most bottled water lacked them.

  4. I plan to do a v-log about Neti pot for Eco-Deaf one day soon. It is worth it.

  5. no, the filter cartridges I use are not recyclable. if you find one that is, do share with all of us!

    umm, fluoride is actually very toxic for us. that misconception about fluoride and our teeth is actually a myth. it is unfortunate our water system adds fluoride to our water. it's very difficult to remove them, and none of the filters i know can remove fluoride (except very, very expensive ones or reverse osmosis), so what i do is avoid fluoridated toothpaste like the plague (ha, ha bad pun huh).

    google "dangers of fluoride" and you'll see 162,000 sources explaining in detail.

  6. Robert Alfred HawkinsJune 30, 2009 at 5:43 PM

    Enjoyed your vlog and more importantly I did something about this!

  7. I hope to find one that's recyclable if there's one already out there. The cartridges are made of plastic.

    I checked my massage handheld showerhead and it has 1.5 gpm. Unfortunately, it is does not filter water :( I bought this along with mini-spiral CFL light bulbs, lime light electrominescent night light, furnance filter whistle, earth massage handheld showerhead (1.5), kitchen swivel aerator (1.5 gpm), Bathroom Aerator (1.0 gpm), energy conservation wheel and telfon tape all for $25, offered by PECO electricity company here in Philadelphia to encourage residents to become ecofriendly. Looks like I'll have to donate those low gpms to someone else and get the one that's filtered. They even have a filtered one for handheld showerhead.

    Interesting that fluoride is toxic. Definitely a conversation starter between me and the dentist next time I have an appointment :)

  8. robert, thanks and glad i was able to plant a seed! :)

    katherine, great, 1.5 gpm is nice!!! no need to donate your massage handheld showerhead. all you have to do is disconnect the showerhead, add the filter (the piece between the wall and the showerhead) then reattach your showerhead. that's what i did.

  9. Glad you mentioned that. I have to check to make sure I could do that with a handheld. How do I know which filter cartridge will fit the handheld one as mine isn't like the one you have?

    Is there a filter used for the bathroom sink or there's no such thing yet?

  10. like i said, disconnect your handheld, put the filter on, then reconnect your handheld. you'll understand what i mean when you go to the store and look at filters :0)

    i don't know anything about bathroom sink filters yet- i'm sure there's something out there - if you or anyone else know, please do share!

  11. Nice video!

    Best way to save water is to wet yourself using shower and then shut water off. Soap yourself and then use shower to clean yourself from soap. Probably maximum 30 seconds to use water. Don't need more time to use water.