28 June 2009

Water Bottles: Water Disaster

Click the below link to view a PowerPoint about Water Bottles and how very dangerous they are for us as humans and for earth.

Water Bottles: Water Disaster

Many thanks for the tip from the Living Food Farm Health Talk newsletter, produced by a deaf family who owns an organic farm in Minnesota.


  1. I saw this exact same Power Point slides about water bottles not too long ago. I passed it onto my father and it convinced him not to buy more water bottles.

    Before I realized the trend....after hosts asked me if I want some water, they'd bring out water bottles. I developed the habit asking for tap water in a glass cup. Sometimes I get the fuzz about it as if I am their bad guest. I developed the new habit by bringing a stainless steel bottle with me everywhere. If it is nearly empty or when my hosts offer water, I ask them to kindly fill it up with tap water so I can take it with me to go. That strategy indeed cut down the fuzz and smirks over water bottles. :)

  2. I have felt a deep sense of guilt since I saw the picture above. The reason for me TO HAVE to drink from water bottles is that I am -- are you ready? -- allergic to tap water. My doctor has said that 80% of tap water in Washington, D.C. comes from aging pipes.

    Jean Boutcher

  3. I don't drink bottled water. I have never been able to justify it. My tap water tastes good here, so I use a stainless steel water bottle when I have to carry water with me. I do realize some parts of the US has really bad water though.

  4. jean,

    i find that hard to believe. the quality of tap water varies all over the world, but if you are allergic to DC's tap water specifically... then why not filter it?

    i know san francisco's tap water comes from yosemite valley, one of the best tap waters in the world http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/03/11/BAH9VHE23.DTL

    i don't know if you/your doctor realizes this but more than half of our bottled water actually comes from tap water? some filtered, some not. this is just one example: http://money.cnn.com/2007/07/27/news/companies/pepsi_coke/

    that's why we have second (and third and fourth) opinions from doctors :) i sure hope you will seek some out.

    i had a variety of symptoms that were bothering me over time, i went to doctor after doctor, and they all said the same thing, that i was just stressed and that i needed to relax. i wasn't satisfied. i went to a naturopath, and he was able to specify what exactly was poisoning me after only 15 minutes of assessing me. i eliminated that specific item from my diet and within a week i was back to normal. i thank heavens i didn't listen to my first few doctors that i saw.

    please don't take this as if i'm simplifying or minimizing your experience, i just hope you'll seek some other opinions and try other ways, which i'm absolutely sure you've done/tried... just don't give up :)

    some more stuff i've written about this topic, the last link on this list is a review of the filtered water crock i use to drink dc's tap water:





    and finally, don't feel guilty! your doctor should carry the guilt since he was the one who told you to drink bottled water!!!

    last question - do you have a filtered shower or did you doctor tell you to filter your shower water? your skin is your largest organ and we absorb 600x more water from showering than drinking, and shower obviously comes from tap water, so if your doctor didn't say anything about filtering your shower water, i would seriously doubt his advice. if he did, well, kudos to him :)... i'll be posting about filtering our shower water next- when i have time! :)

  5. It is heartbreaking about how destructive plastics.

    Not only bottled water but also all the plastics that you get from dunkin donuts, starbucks, etc. Imagine how many people drink coffee daily from these places. It would be good if we all unify and show up with our own bottle for them to fill up. When businesses see that no one wants their plastic cup or bottle water, they'll stop ordering them then the factory won't make them anymore because they're driven by $$!

    Before bottle water was ever heard, I spent a lot of my childhood at my late grandparents. My grandmother would always boil the tap water and then refrigerate the night before. Boiling helps kill microorganisms that's in the water. So, it has to be the old fashioned way for water purifier and no filter to waste :)

    As far as naturopathy is concerned, I have to agree. One of my dogs would not have survived her liver disease, which is now managed, if not for the naturopathic approach. Like doctors, many veterinarians are clueless when it comes to naturopathy or chose not to give it the benefit of doubt.

    Two other dogs I know with similiar issue as my dog died. This other person had a dog who has similiar issue as mine. Her dog got seriously ill many times that almost cost her dog's life and her veterinarian couldn't find out what's wrong. Hearing about her dog reminds me of my experience with my own dog. I was able to tell her in time what I did with my dog and to consider naturopathy. Her dog is finally doing very well after she decided to switch to a veterinarian who embraces naturopathy.

    To find naturopathic physician in your area, go to www.naturopathic.org. Wish there is one for pets but you'll have to do search as not many veterinarians practice naturopathy.

  6. I believe with the right message you can convince at least 50% of the population to not buy and drink water in platic bottles - if you simply push how bad it is for their own health.

    It may sound negative, but people care mostly about themselves first. At least, for them to make real efforts for a long time to come, their own health has to be on the line. And it is.

    So you guys push the health concern when it come to plastic bottles of water and we should move things in the right direction.

  7. water bottles: water disaster. I agree with the title. Guys, we have to help save and maintain cleanliness.