27 November 2011

The Nest

No more programming, no more constantly changing the temperature. The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself in a week to keep you comfortable and save energy!
A friend shared this awesome find with me, and I'm hooked! There are many intelligent features in this "smart thermostat", and my favorite feature is that you can adjust the temperature at your home using your iPhone when you're thousand of miles away!

I'm thinking of getting one. Does anyone have this "smart" thermostat at their home? Share your reviews!

18 November 2011

Raw Food for Cats

14 November 2011

Occupy Earth

Why Should We Occupy Earth?

Occupy Wall Street is a spontaneous and organic movement that came out of the blue. Well, sort of. Many people across the nation and around the globe are not happy with economic inequality and how unfair business practices are hurting people's lives and our planet Earth for long enough. Now, more and more people are speaking up as if the kettle is releasing more steam. The fire is burning and the water is boiling above the point where people are getting themselves arrested to protest against the economic inequality. The Occupy Wall Street movement is growing into the new direction. It does not stop at evicting protesters from encampments like how we saw in the videos with Occupy Portland and Occupy Oakland. Time will tell.

Does the Occupy Wall Street movement has anything to do with protecting the environment? You bet! Bad business practices lead to the exploitation of workers and natural resources. No wonder why Occupiers are very displeased with giant corporations, such as with oil companies and factory farms, and how they are in solidarity with the 99%. What we're seeing in Zuccotti Park is an example of how people could work together and live together without making profits off of each other. Read the news articles and watch YouTube videos about Occupiers to learn what they have done so far. For instance, they're re-using grey water, recharging laptops and cell phones by pedal power and so on.

The article, "Occupy Earth, Nature is 99% too!" by Chip Ward is a very good piece to read to see how economic inequality has negative impacts on environmental quality. Please click the link below the picture to read the article.

In solidarity with the 99%
for fair economic equality and better environmental quality.

Occupy Earth: Nature Is the 99%, too!

Someone Got Rich and Someone Got Sick

By Chip Ward

Read the article "Occupy Earth, Nature is 99% too!"

02 October 2011

Two Deaf Wilderness Courses - Summer 2012!

(click on image to enlarge)

28 August 2011

To Drink or Not To Drink Bottled Water....


Video narrated by Justin Jackerson- many thanks for sharing!

04 July 2011

the more you know, the less you need.

Cassandra Perez gives reasons and examples of how to live on less.

02 May 2011

Recycling Flashmob in Ontario, Canada

An EcoDeaf reader shares a video clip that shows how much Canadians care about recycling:

23 April 2011

Deaf-friendly Shamanic Healing and Training, Peru

Deaf-friendly Shamanic Healing and Training - Summer Groups at Infinite Light Peru (Amazon Region)

June 12 - 21
June 26 - July 5
July 10 - 19
July 24 - Aug 2
Aug 7 - 16

Please visit the website at www.infinitelightperu.com, then contact Meghan Shannon via Facebook or email (infinitelightperu@gmail.com - use this email addy to find her on FB!)

To read more how Infinite Light embraces the Deaf community- click here.

More information about program dates, costs, and short description of the sessions- click here.

21 April 2011

Where do we fit in?

An EcoDeaf reader, Cassandra, asks: How many of us can relate to this?

12 April 2011

Online Deaf Life Coaching: Diana Cho

Have you looked into what your heart wishes to fulfill? Does it feel like you're moving closer towards what you want or drifting away? Is there something lingering in the back of your mind that may prevent you from moving forward? Are you ready for a change?

Tools for change lie within all of us, and through coaching assistance, you may uncover what is yours to shine and make headway!

Diana Cho offers online life coaching to deaf and hard of hearing people from her experience in the everyday world. Through online coaching, individuals can focus on their potential to undertake a journey of purpose and enhance their quality of life. Coaching is not teaching or counseling; it is an act of sharing and empowerment. Diana can help individuals in a variety of areas including, but not limited to, career development, leadership, relationships, facilitation, transitions, communication, time management, and prioritization.


Thanks, Diana, for the beautiful video :)

03 April 2011

VegFest Michigan 2011

Sandy Graham went to VegFest Michigan and interviewed some people there.

VegMichigan Home

22 March 2011

NYT: A New Generation of Farmers

This New York Times article is very interesting to read because it explains how the USA landscape is changing with more younger Americans becoming involved in starting their own sustainable farms. More independent farmers are motivated in using old farming techniques to grow their own organic vegetables and raise grass-fed meats. Read the NYT article and view the slide show below to learn why more Americans are interested in sustainable agriculture.

Tyler and Alicia Jones on their farm in Corvallis, Ore.

Published: March 5, 2011

CORVALLIS, Ore. — For years, Tyler Jones, a livestock farmer here, avoided telling his grandfather how disillusioned he had become with industrial farming.

After all, his grandfather had worked closely with Earl L. Butz, the former federal secretary of agriculture who was known for saying, “Get big or get out.”

But several weeks before his grandfather died, Mr. Jones broached the subject. His grandfather surprised him. “You have to fix what Earl and I messed up,” Mr. Jones said his grandfather told him.

Now, Mr. Jones, 30, and his wife, Alicia, 27, are among an emerging group of people in their 20s and 30s who have chosen farming as a career. Many shun industrial, mechanized farming and list punk rock, Karl Marx and the food journalist Michael Pollan as their influences. The Joneses say they and their peers are succeeding because of Oregon’s farmer-foodie culture, which demands grass-fed and pasture-raised meats....

Finish reading the article here:
New York Times In New Food Culture: A Young Generation of Farmers Emerges


The Slide Show of New Generation of Farmers

What do you think about the article and slide show?
Share comments.


Round the clock cycling in the Netherlands

[The video above has English subtitles.]

It would be fantastic if we have bicycle traffics and rush hours in the cities of America just like how it is in Netherlands.

View the video and share comments!

05 March 2011

Being Eco-Friendly vs. Buying Eco-Friendly by Cassandra Perez

Cassandra Perez shares a perspective on what it means to be eco-friendly.

28 February 2011

Rachel Berman Blythe

Phoenix, AZ
ASL Instructor
ecointerests vegan, eco-living, CSA program, cooking, outdoors (running, hiking, camping, etc), vegan dining and traveling, Deaf Vegetarian Society in Phoenix

03 February 2011

Global Warming: on OIC Films

An EcoDeaf reader shares a link that connects you to an ASL video about climate change.
This video is posted on OIC Movies and requires logging into the website.

Climate Change Affects Animal Species - January 31, 2011

30 January 2011

Composting in the Winter

This is an addition to a series of vlogs that EcoDeaf members did on composting (see Composting tab for others), showing that this easy and fun hobby has numerous benefits: it is good for the earth and to our gardens which bear fruits for us to eat. In this post, Summer explains the process of composting- starting with her kitchen, bringing to compost tumbler, then ending up with a rich "compost" pile. She explains how composting is still do-able during winter months. We hope this vlog will help other EcoDeaf members will join us and start getting ready for the upcoming gardening season.

27 January 2011

Jonathan Kessel

Full-time Adventurer

eco-interests & eco-skills Hiker trash. Snowboard bum.

contact jfkessel at gmail dot com

24 January 2011

Feb 5th Event: Interpreted!

Dr. Candace A. McCullough invites you all to:

Come join us for a 5-course gourmet raw dinner and ASL interpreted seminar at Elizabeth's Gone Raw in DC!

Saturday, February 5th, "Active Aging and Preventing Disease"

Seminar with Drs. Brian and Anna Maria Clement, Directors of Hippocrates Health Institute, 5-Course Dinner, $75 per person

6:00 – 9pm

Call 202-347-8349 or email reservations@elizabethsgoneraw.com. Call ahead with your credit card info to reserve a seat under Dr. Candace A. McCullough's name.

Credit Card Required Upon Reservation / Cancellations Received 14 Days Prior to Events will Receive a Full Refund / Pricing Does Not Include Tax and Gratuity

For payment, they accept Visa and Mastercard.

For more information about Elizabeth's Gone Raw, check www.elizabethsgoneraw.com

21 January 2011

Eco-Reader shares Eco-websites

An EcoDeaf reader shares these websites explaining that she appreciates the "hardcore holistic explanations and justifications toward countless of things health wise. There are so many web sites that I have been to and I have been studying holistic healing approaches for many, many years and I really appreciate these two web sites along with Shirley's Wellness Cafe website."

Shirley's Wellness Cafe: Holistic Care for People & Animals

Dr. Mercola: On Natural Health Products and Articles
Natural News.com: Natural Health, Natural Living, Natural News

20 January 2011

Eco-Winter Tips: Warming up the car

In this video, I explain the differences between old and new car engines and provide eco-winter tips on how to reduce the environmental impacts and gas money with warming up the car.

06 January 2011

Natural Childbirth with Heather Kendrick

See below for information shared by Heather Kendrick.

Pregnant? Want the best possible birth experience for you and your baby?
Come learn about natural childbirth using the Bradley Method.
Heather Kendrick, instructor, is a Deaf mother of 5 children, all born naturally.
She is the only Deaf AAHCC certified instructor in the nation.

If you are due in April or May this is the class for you!
The 12 week series of classes are Tuesday evenings at 6 PM beginning Tuesday January 11, 2011.

For more information contact Heather Kendrick: Heather @ thekendricks.org

Bradley Header

05 January 2011

EcoResolutions - 2011

Anthony shares his Eco Resolutions for 2011.
Share your EcoResolutions after viewing this video.
Happy New Year!