22 March 2011

Round the clock cycling in the Netherlands

[The video above has English subtitles.]

It would be fantastic if we have bicycle traffics and rush hours in the cities of America just like how it is in Netherlands.

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  1. Not only it is good for our world of Green, it does wonders to your health, adding years to your life!~

  2. I saw another YouTube clip showing cycling in the Netherlands in the 1950s. Apparently it's not new there. They seem to have a long history of ecology awareness there.

  3. This is awesome! A good model for other countries to emulate.

    Even a family of 4 can ride on a 4 seat tandem bike! It would save space in their home :) When I was little, my father used to have 2 or 3 seat tandem bike with small front and back seats for under 2 years old.

  4. That's right! I feel super good for several days after going for a long bike ride!!

    Perhaps Europe has a long history of ecology awareness but most European cities were built before cars came around. Most of their roads are still too small for two lanes, so that encourage people to ride their bike. Most, if not all, European cities have good mass transportation systems where people can get just about anywhere without the need to have cars. I think American cities can do it by building more bike paths, expand and connect mass transportation systems and shrink suburban sprawls.