27 November 2011

The Nest

No more programming, no more constantly changing the temperature. The Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself in a week to keep you comfortable and save energy!
A friend shared this awesome find with me, and I'm hooked! There are many intelligent features in this "smart thermostat", and my favorite feature is that you can adjust the temperature at your home using your iPhone when you're thousand of miles away!

I'm thinking of getting one. Does anyone have this "smart" thermostat at their home? Share your reviews!

18 November 2011

Raw Food for Cats

14 November 2011

Occupy Earth

Why Should We Occupy Earth?

Occupy Wall Street is a spontaneous and organic movement that came out of the blue. Well, sort of. Many people across the nation and around the globe are not happy with economic inequality and how unfair business practices are hurting people's lives and our planet Earth for long enough. Now, more and more people are speaking up as if the kettle is releasing more steam. The fire is burning and the water is boiling above the point where people are getting themselves arrested to protest against the economic inequality. The Occupy Wall Street movement is growing into the new direction. It does not stop at evicting protesters from encampments like how we saw in the videos with Occupy Portland and Occupy Oakland. Time will tell.

Does the Occupy Wall Street movement has anything to do with protecting the environment? You bet! Bad business practices lead to the exploitation of workers and natural resources. No wonder why Occupiers are very displeased with giant corporations, such as with oil companies and factory farms, and how they are in solidarity with the 99%. What we're seeing in Zuccotti Park is an example of how people could work together and live together without making profits off of each other. Read the news articles and watch YouTube videos about Occupiers to learn what they have done so far. For instance, they're re-using grey water, recharging laptops and cell phones by pedal power and so on.

The article, "Occupy Earth, Nature is 99% too!" by Chip Ward is a very good piece to read to see how economic inequality has negative impacts on environmental quality. Please click the link below the picture to read the article.

In solidarity with the 99%
for fair economic equality and better environmental quality.

Occupy Earth: Nature Is the 99%, too!

Someone Got Rich and Someone Got Sick

By Chip Ward

Read the article "Occupy Earth, Nature is 99% too!"