18 November 2011

Raw Food for Cats


  1. Hmmm... I have raised and lived with raw cats and dogs... I am skittish about serving beef to cats and dogs as it is not their natural foods. Chicken, turkey, duck, any fowl, fish, small animals is what I serve with veggies or just fruits. For dogs, I would serve lamb, rabbit, etc.

    They are not natural predators for cows, hence feeding them smaller animals.
    Just implanting my seeds here~

  2. Alynn... great comment and thanks for the seeds! :) Playing devil's advocate here... do cats really eat chicken? turkey? ducks? I've only seen my cats hunt down and bring in the house mice and birds. Rabbits if we're out in the suburbs/rural areas. But we don't have wild chicken, turkey and ducks waddling around nearby waiting to be eaten by cats anyway so we'll never know ha. Cats are domesticated by man, so by nature of the domestication process, we might never know what their natural prey are? Just wondering. I'm no biologist :)