13 May 2012

Matthias Ranner

Germany, Berlin

about me
Hiya! I was born in bavaria, for me its the greenest state in Germany. My father a farmer, so I grew up around the Nature. And always get the feeling, that it is urgent to be aware about the Nature and that she is speaking to us the whole time.

eco skills  Because of being vegetarian, I know, that I am doing for the Earth a lot, therefore I think, its a skill.  I am working always on my consumption. I try my best to to reduce the consumption, which is not always easy in the 21th and in a city with people around without mindfulness. Instead of driving a car ride a bike or take public transport. Well, i am interested in all ways, so just everything.

eco interests deep ecology, mountain hike, ecophilosophy/ecospirituality, druidism and buddhism, herballore/botany, aikido, climbing, reiki, meditation

contact postmassi at googlemail dot com