25 February 2009

Organic and Gluten Free Bakery Store in Rochester, NY

Organic and Gluten Free Bakery Store
732 South Ave
Rochester, New York 14620

Hello there, My name is Jeanninne Ottman and I opened a Organic and
Gluten Free Bakery. I have been offering my baked goods at Rochester Public
Market for over a year now. If anyone has any questions please feel free to call

Stop by and try out the gluten free baked goods!
Tell your gluten-free friends about it!

Why gluten free food?
"Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. It causes some people serious health problems." Read more about it at Gluten-free diets gaining in popularity by USA Today.

22 February 2009

Picture a Greener Gallaudet

Green Gallaudet presented an e-photo showcase of campus community members sharing tips on how they went green, and how you can, too!

This is an event that honored the National Teach-In (formerly called Focus The Nation), which engages over a million Americans in solutions-driven dialogue on how to make our impoverished planet a prosperous one for our descendants.The e-photo showcase took place on Thursday, February 5, JSAC Marketplace, noon-1 p.m.

21 February 2009

Biokleen Laundry Powder

Thinking about switching to using an eco-friendly laundry detergent that treats your clothes and Earth with respect? BioKleen Laundry Powder is the product to look for.

The price is about twenty dollars per container. Buy an extra BioKleen Laundry Powder container to save you even more money when it is on sale. It about 100 loads to go through the box. For doing two loads a week, it will take about fifty weeks to use up the powder. That is almost a year worth of it.

BioKleen Laundry Powder are packed in recycled containers. The BioKleen products are never tested on animals. The ingredients to make laundry powder are natural and biodegradable which means the laundry water could be resuse as greywater to feed the garden.

I have been using BioKleen Laundry Powder for about two years. I do not think I will switch to another laundry detergent. I recommend BioKleen Laundry Powder. It will treat your clothes and Earth very well.

written by an EcoDeaf contributer, Anthony Brucato

16 February 2009

How to Take Care of New Tattoos Naturally

Written by an EcoDeaf Contributor, Anthony Brucato

Thinking About Your First Tattoo?
Like Getting Inked?
Keep Getting More Tattoos?

The picture of my back arm shown above was taken after the first ink session. The trees were colored and more pictures were added during the second ink session. I have to go for one or two more sessions before the ink project is considered done.

How to Take Care of Tattoos Naturally

Tattooists often recommend their clients to apply the A+D ointment over their new tattoos to prevent their skin from getting bacterial infections. The downside of A+D ointment is that it has petroleum in it. Petroleum is not good for your skin and it is known to have negative impacts on the environment.

Instead of using the A+D ointment, you can use these two natural products:

1) Jason Aloe Vera 98% Moisturizing Gel


2) Elaina's Whipped Shea Butter (unscented)

Direction: To naturally take care of your new tattoo, apply Jason Aloe Vera 98% Moisturizing Gel on it and let the gel dry for 30 seconds before you apply Eliana's Whipped Shea Butter (unscented) over it. Do it about three or four times daily over two weeks or until the skin heals completely.

Try not to use the sunscreen lotion on new tattoos while you are using Jason Aloe Vera 98% Moisturizing Gel and Eliana's Whipped Shea Butter (unscented). It is best not to expose new tattoos under the sun for the next three months anyway. After the skin completely heals, be sure to use SPF 30+ organic/natural sunscreens especially during sunny days. Apply sunscreen lotion often through the day to protect your tattoos from fading or misshaping. If tattoos are taken care of properly, it can look good as new for many decades.

I used the A+D ointment for awhile before a friend told me how to take care of new tattoos naturally. I decided to stop using the A+D ointment because it clogs the skin pores and it smells unnatural and nasty. After I went for my second ink session, I started using Jason Aloe Vera 98% Moisturizing Gel and Eliana's Whipped Shea Butter (unscented), I felt a huge difference right away starting with how both of those recommended products smell more natural and pleasant. Jason Aloe Vera 98% Moisturizing Gel gives the cooling effect feeling and Eliana's Whipped Shea Butter (unscented) keeps the skin feeling moist through the day.

You can find Jason Aloe Vera 98% Moisturizing Gel and Elaina's Whipped Shea Butter (unscented) at a natural food store.

If you are thinking about getting inked in the near future,
go natural on your new tattoo! :)

12 February 2009

Toilet Train Your Cat

Imagine saving gobs of money, time and gas spent on buying cat litter, filling your litter pan up, and cleaning it year after year.  Imagine how much cat litter and plastic bags are thrown every week in your trash that goes to the landfill?

Go to this link to learn the steps of HOW to toilet train your cat.
Not so bad, eh?

09 February 2009


Produced by Trees of One - Thank you for sharing this wonderful video about forgiveness with EcoDeaf readers ~

Forgiveness from Trees of One on Vimeo.

07 February 2009

Power of One: OneEarth.org


This website features inspiring short films about different people working to make change happen.

There are videos about mothers caring for Mother Earth, others showed historic footages of one person risking their life to get message of peace across, and many of them reveal environmental messages. Celebrities have volunteered their voices and time to help give the messages. There are many breath-taking scenes of nature, so beautiful that it de-stresses us when we're affected with everyday stress.

Many thanks to Megan Matovich for sharing this movie site with us. We hope that people continue to get inspired by the power of one, hopefully these films will inspire deaf filmmakers to make more environmental films!


Image Source: here

Why Raw?
By Willa May Wille

Why Raw? Why not!
Live Raw or (read backward) Evil War
Raw food is perfect
Cooked food is not perfect
Raw food is alive
Cooked food is dead
Raw food heals
Cooked food kills
Raw food is nature made (God made)
Cooked food is man made
Raw food has full calories
Cooked food has empty calories
Raw food is simple
Cooked food is complicated
Raw food has live enzymes
Cooked food has dead enzymes
Raw food brings health, happiness and harmony
Cooked food causes diseases, depression and deaths
Raw food is a blessing
Cooked food is a poison

01 February 2009

Getting Started with Vermicomposting

-written by Ecodeaf contributer, Anthony Brucato

Here at the Plankton Cooperative House, a planktonite started the vermicomposting project last fall. He built a homemade worm house and placed it in the kitchen. Then he adopted red wriggler worms to live inside the worm house and eat our food scraps. We the planktonites experienced successes in our vermicomposting project with only one common problem. We became tired of fruit flies hanging out in our kitchen. We moved the worm house to the basement. So far, red wiggler worms are doing fine and the good news is we have not seen fruit flies hanging out in the basement yet. We think it is warm enough in the basement for red wiggler worms, but not for fruit flies. A friend of the house, who is also a vermicomposter, told us to try planting pumpkin or cantaloupe seeds inside the worm house to grow a melon forest for the worms which is mystical and magical to see. We have not tried it yet but that is something we would like to do soon. We think our worm house is too small to keep up with our food scraps. It is a lot of food scraps from eleven planktonites for the worms, so we will eventually build a bigger worm house in the spring or early summer. It is really nice to have red wriggler worms living with us.

Although it is important to know what to do and how to feed red wiggler worms before vermicomposting, it is easy and fun to do. Give it a try. :)
Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What is Vermicomposting
  2. Why Vermicomposting?
  3. Where should I Vermicompost?
You've come to the right place!
Visit WormMania

If anyone has experiences with vermicomposting, please share with us.