09 February 2009


Produced by Trees of One - Thank you for sharing this wonderful video about forgiveness with EcoDeaf readers ~

Forgiveness from Trees of One on Vimeo.


  1. Wonderful vlog! A great lesson for every of us and everyone out the world. :)
    Deb Ann of Waving With My Deaf Hands

  2. Great video! This could save a lot of hurt, because people do not understand how damaging talking about people can be! Would love to use your videos on www.MyDeafLife.com - any chance? (please contact: susie@deafeatures.co.uk) Good Work!

  3. Thanks for sharing!

    Gossips are everywhere. It is very delicate in the deaf community as it is a very small world. We live in a fishbowl and there's no escaping. Something that members of the deaf community need to factor in the sensitivity aspect and be considerate. Lack of forgiveness only brings us down and divide us further when we need one another the most.

    Hope your vlog will serve as an eye opener for others.

  4. Well point taken. It has created a lot of problems everywhere. The vlog really have a lot of explanations there. No matter what we say will lead to a lot of problems that most of us were not aware of ourselves. Thanks for the vlog and we all really need to ask for forgiveness and keep the Deaf community strong.

  5. I really like that...impressive....it is so true, we all have a tendency to point other people's flaws and think we aren't that way but we are. When u point with ur hand, you can see that three fingers folded into the palm of the hand is pointed back to you three times more than u point out. :) Great job!