21 September 2009

Cruelty Doesn't Fly!

Wearing a pair of leather shoes? Got the animal fur coat on? Holding a purse made out of snake skins? You might want to think twice about what you are doing to the animals and our environment before you buy more leather and fur products.

Why leather products are bad for the environment?
Read Leather and Environmental Issues

How not to buy leather products?
Read the Buyer Guide on not buying leather

Still not convinced?
Read Eight Reasons To Say No to Leather

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15 September 2009

The Social Life of Chickens

When you look at a group of chickens at the farm, what do you see about them? Are chickens "impassive by nature" or do they have social life like human beings? Do chickens develop their self-identity, personality, and behaviors?

Karen Davis, PhD and her chickens

After reading Karen Davis's article, does it make you wonder about how chickens are treated and killed for food? Do meat eaters regard chickens as inferiors compared to other animals because it seems they are brainless birds clucking around with nothing else better to do. If people stop putting chickens in small cages to be slaughtered for food, would more people realize chickens have personalities and social behaviors like human beings?

Would it be better for the environment if human beings develop symbiotic relationship with chickens? Would less chickens be killed for food? What can we benefit from raising chickens not just only for food? Read Robin Ripley's Eight Benefits of Raising Backyard Chickens.

Robin Ripley even agrees with Karen Davis that every chicken has a personality. What about you? Feel free to leave a comment.

Thank you Katherine for sharing Karen Davis's article with us.