10 February 2010

Reviewing Natural Cat Litter: Pros and Cons

I review four different cat litter brands: Feline Pine, Swheat Scoop, Yesterday's News and World's Best Cat Litter and discusses pros and cons for each, and I announce the winner!

In the video, I did not discuss the impact of mass producing each brand (pine, wheat, newspaper and corn) in detail. If you know more about how the company collects and processes each type of litter, please share.

Out of the four, it appears old newspapers makes the least (possibly zero?) impact, however it is known that the company, Purina, that produces Yesterday's News is owned by Nestle, one of the worst companies when it comes to the environment.

Another topic I did not discuss in my vlog: Packaging is also important. Swheat Scoop, Yesterday's News and Feline Pine usually comes in paper (with plastic inner sheath) bags, while World's Best Cat Litter comes in a 100% plastic bag. Since they are natural cat litter companies, I find it very ironic that none of them package their litter in biodegradable paper printed with alternative/natural inks to lessen their impact on earth.

Of course, the best type of litter may simply just be the outdoors. That in itself opens up another package of eco-dilemmas (e.g. impact of cats on bird/reptile/amphibian populations and the food chain).

I think the most ideal solution would be to toilet train cats. This way you cut down on the transportation and manufacturing impact of shipping the litter to the store to your home. You also save a good 5 minutes per day cleaning litter. You also save the little bags that you use to put soiled litter in. You also save your time cleaning the litter boxes out every month or so. The downside is the discussion that bacteria from cat feces can contaminate and kill sea otters!

Stepping off my box. Your thoughts?

P.s. The software I used to edit this movie is called ScreenFlow 2.0. This is my first attempt (not a very good one at that, I haven't learned how to use transitions/action video). User friendly software with plenty of possibilities! Hat tip to Matthew Malzkuhn.

09 February 2010

EarCandling ASL Vlog by Rachel

Rachel describes the process of earcandling and shares some personal stories about earcandling. Check the video out!

07 February 2010

In Honor of SuperBowl: Surprising Stats!


8 million: Total pounds of popcorn consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

28 million: Pounds of potato chips consumed.

53.5 million: Pounds of avocados consumed.

222,792: Number of football fields worth of farmland to grow all that
corn, potatoes, and avocados.

11.8: Depth, in feet, of guacamole consumed if it were spread across the football field.

293,000: Number of miles of potato chips, laid end to end, consumed during the game.

1 billion: Number of chicken wings consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

325.5 million: Gallons of beer drank by Americans that day.

493: Number of Olympic-sized swimming pools that could be filled with all that beer.

20%: Increase in ant-acid sales the Monday after the game.

7 million: Number of employees who will not show up to work Monday.

Are you going to work tomorrow? I am :)

06 February 2010

GROWH- A eco-lifestyle coaching firm run by a Deaf woman


While checking out Kiss-Fist, an online magazine for the signing community, I came across an article about Shanada Schwartz, a Deaf woman who has set up her own lifestyle coaching firm called "Grow Holistically". I watched her video...

This is the first and only one of its kind to provide consultations in American Sign Language via videophone. Aside from this unique feature, they can also connect you through other methods to provide continuous support as you learn about the nature of your well-being, improve your health, and grow holistically.
She grew up on "Living Food Farm", which is a organic food business operated by a Deaf family in Minnesota.

On her website, Shanada answers the question:

What is the holistic approach to health all about?
And expands on the 5 Holistic Areas:

Green Living

An example of her eco-advice: Green Living embraces the goodness and healthfulness of natural things and products. Doing so will help you avoid harmful chemicals and toxins that many people use for their hygiene, cleaning supplies, clothes, toys, and food. While it is impossible to avoid all toxic and chemical things, the greener your life is, the better! We offer a wealth of easy and affordable ideas for improving the quality and safety of everything you need to live with!

For some eco-consultation, contact Shanada.

04 February 2010


Common Questions:
  • Is it okay to store hot soup in the fridge?
  • How to defrost fish safely?
  • How long will homemade lasagna last in the freezer?
  • How long will turmeric powder stay fresh?

"Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide
Save Money, Eat Better, Help The Environment"

iPhone users can download StillTasty App.

Thank you Laura for sharing this website with EcoDeaf.