07 February 2010

In Honor of SuperBowl: Surprising Stats!


8 million: Total pounds of popcorn consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

28 million: Pounds of potato chips consumed.

53.5 million: Pounds of avocados consumed.

222,792: Number of football fields worth of farmland to grow all that
corn, potatoes, and avocados.

11.8: Depth, in feet, of guacamole consumed if it were spread across the football field.

293,000: Number of miles of potato chips, laid end to end, consumed during the game.

1 billion: Number of chicken wings consumed on Super Bowl Sunday.

325.5 million: Gallons of beer drank by Americans that day.

493: Number of Olympic-sized swimming pools that could be filled with all that beer.

20%: Increase in ant-acid sales the Monday after the game.

7 million: Number of employees who will not show up to work Monday.

Are you going to work tomorrow? I am :)


  1. Very sad if we think about it. It does not mention the $$ spent for all of that. Imagine the difference we could make for the 3rd world and even the rest of the world if we channel our $$ to help others by just watching the game and nothing more.

    Today is like any other ordinary days for me. Events like this, birthdays or holidays have no value for me because I know how destructive they are to the earth, less fortune and animals. Self gratification at the expense of others is not the way to go or to do. I am pretty content with having a simple life.

    I'm eating Bows with Kasha/onions on this day :) Perhaps a glass of wine -- it is good for you as opposed to beer!

  2. Lucky for those who live in the DC area- snow day tomorrow!! I do celebrate holidays and use that time to educate others as to how to enjoy ourselves without all the frills. Rhea wrote a nice article about consuming locally grown food during superbowl in www.youaredelicious.net

    As for birthdays, I ask people not to bring gifts, but instead bring donations for the local animal shelter such as old sheets, blankets, etc and food/litter. One girl actually collected so much on her birthday that it required a moving truck to deliver the goods to the shelter. That's also in addition to monetary donations.

  3. katherine, if you clicked on the treehugger link above, you'd see the $$ spent on superbowl itself... i'm copying and pasting it here.


    $5.6 billion: Amount consumers will spend on Super Bowl related items.

    $400 million: Amount of money added to the local economy because of the game.

    35%: Ticket holders writing-off the game as a business expense.

    $12,500: Price Tiffany charges to produce the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

    $2.8 million: Cost for a 30-second advertisment slot during the game.

    20.5: Number of minutes worth of ads it would take to pay for a new
    Sun Stadium at that rate.

    45: Number of minutes worth advertisements during last year's game.

    41%: Percent of Super Bowl viewers surveyed who will re-watch this year's ads online.

    2.9 million: Number of HD TVs bought for the Super Bowl in 2009.

    agreed about simplifying life :) right now i'm watching aslhub.com live ASL commentary on the superbowl, check them out and support them!

  4. I must've overlooked this one but it's good to have it here for everyone to see! :)

    It just makes me want to puke... All of the $$ together will definitely benefit the world involving the animals, environment and people that are struggling to get help on a daily basis. Combining Superbowl with NBA Championship and World Series would undoubtedly have a tsumani effect for those that really need it.

  5. Wow! All those potato chips and HD TVs....
    not a sport-crazed person but I am definitely crazy over Kettle Sea Salt & Vinegar chips! And I agree with Kathy that all those Superbowl money could be spent on better things. I like P's idea of celebrating birthday.

  6. I don't work Mondays but my husband's boss gave everyone the morning off. That's pretty unusual of them to do this, being a university environment. =P

  7. Agreed, that's unusual for universities.....Gallaudet is closed for snow... and today's the first time in a long time!!! Nice timing with the superbowl yesterday :)