21 September 2009

Cruelty Doesn't Fly!

Wearing a pair of leather shoes? Got the animal fur coat on? Holding a purse made out of snake skins? You might want to think twice about what you are doing to the animals and our environment before you buy more leather and fur products.

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  1. I didn't realize Peta would play all three videos when I thought I posted only the first video. I thought the first video was artistically visual enough without the subtitles.

    After I saw the documentary movie Earthlings, I was really disturbed. I thought about animals over food which how I became a vegetarian, but not over clothes and different items before I viewed the film. Right now I have a leather belt and I have three pairs of shoes that are made out of animal skins. After I saw Earthlings, I felt really guilty about the belt and shoes. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of the animals. I decided to keep the belt and shoes since I already bought it. I had the leather belt since the 90s and it is slowly wearing out. It'll be good for at least several years. I promised myself to buy animal cruelty free belts and shoes. This is how I will handle my guilt trip over the leather belt and shoes. My new eco-task is to find and purchase animal cruelty free belts and shoes which also would be beneficial to our environment.

    I think we should have more animal-cruelty free commercials aired on TV and internet. In essence of all this, I think spending money at cruelty free companies is the way to end it. Hence the saying, "Vote with your money."

  2. I haven't viewed Earthlings because I know it's too painful for me as I have seen a couple like that years ago. The first was a book I read at during my teen and have seen short videos and pictures. I cried my eyes out because it was so awful and heartless what these people are so capable of.

    I accidentally clicked on a video once that showed skinning alive of foxes and cats/dogs. The look of shock on their faces was indescribable and spoke volumes that I couldn't believe it. Someone who can hear told me the sound is so horrendeous, including those animals who frighteningly watched and awaited their experience of hell. Same thing with animals in the slaughterhouses of farmed animals. Nothing about it is justifiable and they do have emotions like us. Can we honestly say this is
    ok to continue financing and supporting?

    The more people keep turning the other cheek and keep buying leather, new kind of animals will be killed for their skin and be disposed of. Horses are now entering slaughterhouses. We are kidding ourselves if we do not think their skin will go on the market. Cats and dogs fur are already entering the market and their skin may be next. Before we know it, leather will come from all kind of animals, including cats and dogs because the $$ keep coming for their skins/furs even when meat is becoming less and less demanded. We won't be able to tell them apart. It is already getting out of control. Like Anthony said, vote with your money. It is a powerful way for us to put an end to this.

    The abuse, exploitation of and violence to the animals are not to be condoned just as much as we galvanize to stop abuse, exploitation and violence imposed on humans. I am willing to advance and challenge myself as a human to be inclusive of all to a point that both animals and humans are not to be treated this way in any way, shape and form. Nany countries in India do not kill animals for food or skin. They have enormous respect for these creatures.

  3. Katherine, you made many good points about animals.

    I think ALL stores should include a section of animal cruelty free shoes, belts, coats, purses, wallets, etc. It would be easier with much less headaches to find them. Also having a large sign would be tactful.

    Humans can be killed to make soaps, leather products, and lamp shades. If it is happening to animals, it can happen to us. Never know.

  4. Your idea would be great for all stores and it should be mandatory. It will surely put them out of business over time and less and less will be bred. This way, the price of those non animal products will get lower and become as competitive.

    Human getting killed for soap, leather, etc, is unlikely to materialize. They're the one passing laws and people with a lot of $$ have influence in the government that passes laws. Many of them wouldn't want to put a stop to what's happening to the animals because of the BIG BUCKS and in the process, they're overlooking the fact that it has adverse impact on the environment as a whole that will then hurt us. But I can see how it can get snowballed to all kind of animals imaginable that we wouldn't expect if we do not take action. Even millions of baby seals less than 4 weeks old are slaughtered for their white fur every year on ice and their blood splattered everywhere while still conscious. Their mothers watched helplessly. After skinning them, some would cut out their heart to eat for breakfast.

    I got this via email today and this is only the tip of an iceberg. One billion of chicken waste are fed to cattle every year. There's a whole lot more we haven't known yet or ever will:


  5. Here is an example of how illegal organ trades are still happening after the laws were passed to banned it.

    Despite New Law, Illegal Organ Harvesting Continues in China by Omhid Ghoreishi.


    "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated," Ghandi

  6. A good read! thanks for the post, anthony!

  7. You are welcome Veronica! I am glad you enjoyed this post.

    The other day I went to a store to look for a comforter blanket for my bed. I am still using my sleeping bag and as my bed cover, ha! I looked for a comforter and found out that all comforter blankets were stuffed with duck feathers. I couldn't find an eco-friendly comforter at the store. I guess I will have to shop for it on-line or call the store ahead of time to reduce my carbon footprint from driving around and looking for it. It can be difficult with the limited choices at stores.

  8. Yup, I got my organic cotton comforters online (Gaiam.com or Macy's sells them!) - I waited until they were on sale and grabbed 'em! But for organic cotton bed sheets, I got mine from Target! Save your time looking :) Target also sells bamboo bed sheets (but not organic).

  9. Targets is where I checked out for the comforters and realized they didn't have any feather-free comforters. I saw those bamboo pillows.I will def look up Gaiam.com and call Macy to see if they have any organic cotton comforters. Thank you for your tips, Raychelle.

  10. Anthony, thanks for reminding me about the organ trades. I have read about it some time ago and shame on me for forgetting! By the way, I love Ghandi's quote and it is very true.