12 February 2009

Toilet Train Your Cat

Imagine saving gobs of money, time and gas spent on buying cat litter, filling your litter pan up, and cleaning it year after year.  Imagine how much cat litter and plastic bags are thrown every week in your trash that goes to the landfill?

Go to this link to learn the steps of HOW to toilet train your cat.
Not so bad, eh?


  1. That's far out! I think I've seen something like that in a movie but it was not so realistic like this vlog!

    How about training the cat on how to flush the toliet? Possible? heheh.

    Another thought, Let's toilet train a dog, an elephant, and a fruit fly? As if. ;)

  2. LOL

    My Cosmo would have heart attack within few feet from any source of water except her own drinking bowl!

  3. LOL. I bet that would be a huge challenge with Cosmo.

    And can't argue about leaving the toilet seat cover down after using it because the cat needs the access to use the toilet. That's one up for guys. hee-hee. :)