12 April 2011

Online Deaf Life Coaching: Diana Cho

Have you looked into what your heart wishes to fulfill? Does it feel like you're moving closer towards what you want or drifting away? Is there something lingering in the back of your mind that may prevent you from moving forward? Are you ready for a change?

Tools for change lie within all of us, and through coaching assistance, you may uncover what is yours to shine and make headway!

Diana Cho offers online life coaching to deaf and hard of hearing people from her experience in the everyday world. Through online coaching, individuals can focus on their potential to undertake a journey of purpose and enhance their quality of life. Coaching is not teaching or counseling; it is an act of sharing and empowerment. Diana can help individuals in a variety of areas including, but not limited to, career development, leadership, relationships, facilitation, transitions, communication, time management, and prioritization.

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