05 January 2011

EcoResolutions - 2011

Anthony shares his Eco Resolutions for 2011.
Share your EcoResolutions after viewing this video.
Happy New Year!


  1. Anthony, I understood that you felt the meats are wasting on the market and want to save them by eating but we fight globe warming and save our Mother Earth by going vegetarian-vegan. Please check both links out. Hope this will help




  2. Nice vlog, Tony! I like your eco resolutions. My resolution is to continue educating my children about the three R's. Gotta teach them at early age.

  3. Hi Sandy, I understand the idea of going vegetarian/vegan to save Mother Earth from global warming and I support that concept, however I feel that the solution of having everyone on the planet going vegan is not the best answer. The overpopulation of animals as well as humans can contribute to global warming. Animal and human flatulence and burps contribute to global warming due to the release of methane. I was a vegetarian for years but I finally decided that it is okay for me to eat left over meats so they won't go in the trash can. Too often I see meats get dumped in the garbage after dinner parties because the hosts were lazy to pack and freeze them. I would like to see meat eaters stop buying meats from Concentrated Feeding Animal Operations and support local, humane way of raising animals for meats. I think once we end the Concentrated Feeding Animal Operations, we will reduce the global warming. Then the next issue that need to be addressed is how do we cope the overpopulation of animals as well as humans? By all means, I support the lifestyle of vegans and vegetarians and it is the best solution to halt the Concentrated Feeding Animal operations nowadays. However, I practice the middle-way and the metta approach in eating food, that includes eating meats offered by the host.

    See more about the Metta Philosophy at: http://www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/authors/buddharakkhita/wheel365.html

    Beore I mentioned about finding a goat skin to replace the ripped skin on the d'jembe drum that I found a free store, I figured it would be a controversial resolution and I wanted to present that challenge. I feel d'jembe drums serve the purpose of gathering people for peace and harmony and I love drumming with friends and travelers in town. I make sure I take care of my d'jembe drums so the skin would last for many, many years, such is not exposing them to the direct sunlight when not in use.

    I apologize if my comment was long.

    Aaron, I agree with you about the three R's. I think it is great that your children are learning them at an early age. Even today, I'm practicing on getting better with my RRR. I think that the three R's is the journey of learning experience for everyone to become compassionate among themselves and Mother Earth.

  4. Hi Anthony,

    Recently, I viewed your vlog as I told you yesterday that I would by today. :)

    I would vlog my reply, but today I am sick with a cold so I'm not gonna vlog this time.

    So, my ecoresolutions are: go paperless in every aspect as possible; keep all of my electronic email inboxes under control; try my best to buy & use less plastic packaged food or/& things; walk & bike more often than using the bus; and find a refillable printer inks that matches my printer ink cartlidges (sp?).

    So there, those are my ecoresolutions for 2011. Oh, and I would like to add this...In the past, my old ecoresolutions were to stop using nail polishes which I succeed at; go vegan which I succeed at and to get a bike which I got lucky with & currently own one now.

    ok, talk laters you all!
    Happy New Year by the way...


  5. Hey Veronica,

    I wish you to get well soon. That calls for cups of peppermint & ginger tea

    I liked your Ecoresolutions! I never thought about the nail polishes. Well, obviously I don't use them. Lol. I like your going paperless idea. Gmail is great because it allows one to label e-mails and store them into appropriate electronic-folders. I am so happy you got a bike to use!