27 January 2011

Jonathan Kessel

Full-time Adventurer

eco-interests & eco-skills Hiker trash. Snowboard bum.

contact jfkessel at gmail dot com


  1. haha nice profile pic! hiker trash as in you pick up hikers' trash? if so, impressive. what's the most weirdest or grossest trash you've picked up? :)

  2. I bet your dog loves you for taking him along with you on your adventurous journey!

    Raychelle, wouldnt' it be ironic if other hikers don't pick up their own trash? Guess this calls for trail etiquette for those who do not :)

  3. hiker trash, as i learned it from my Appalachian Trail journey, it means those hikers who live in woods. ha. basically we all are germ in eyes of mother nature. heh. ;)

    yeah i do pick trash up if i see one! The only two states that I didnt pick up were at Maryland and Pennsylvania because of too many trash to pick up. Sad, i know. Most hikers I met didnt have good outdoor ethics (Leave No Trace). I often had to tell them to pick up after themselves.

    We just do best what we can. ;)

    Jon "Caribou" Kessel (my trail name)

  4. ahhhh no wonder because when i hiked the AT for the full state of Maryland (42 miles) I saw so much trash, it was impossible to pick everything up or I'd become buried under :( truly sad. mama earth says thank you for doing the best you can! :)

  5. Caribou, hats off to you and everyone else for picking up trash in the woods.