04 July 2011

the more you know, the less you need.

Cassandra Perez gives reasons and examples of how to live on less.


  1. cass, as always, you rock. i remember how easy it was to shower less out west because of the dry conditions, in fact i think i went almost a month without a shower/bath :)-- on the east coast, much harder with the extreme humidity here but when i had my dreadlocks, it was much easier not to wash my hair (they don't look greasy, and i could go a month without washing my hair). time for me to get my dreadlocks back! :) keep vloggin', cass!

  2. Same here- i shower once a week using baking soda and vinegar to wash my hair. I try to use the same outfit for the entire week. People in other countries do this and its considered normal. I agree with Raychelle that the humidity on the east coast makes it more challenging. I try to avoid stressful situations which causes an increase in unpleasant body odor. The water situation in western US really concerns me as it doesnt seem that the land is capable of supporting such a large human population.

  3. Great vlog! Thank you for posting! I have been following this method for YEARS (over 8 straight years) -
    > washing my hair 1-3 times a month, depending on what I've been up to
    > wash my clothes once or twice a month... In fact, I haven't washed my clothes since May 29th or 30th and today is the day I plan to do my load. Imagine, I only have ONE load!
    > living Raw-Vegan Lifestyle requires less water to use, since you don't need to use/wash cooking wares. SWEET!
    > mop the floors once a month or bi-monthly
    > fill one side of sink with diluted soapy water to rinse off dishes, only to refill at the end of the day or every other day, depending on how dirty the water becomes and fill the dishwater until it is completely loaded, not leaving one tiny space left
    > and few more actions to list but I've been awake for about an hour and I'm knocking myself out for another dose of beauty sleep.

    Sweet dreams!
    Again, thank you for posting!~

  4. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with others. I absolutely concur with everything you said.

    Not showering for days isn't hard for me. I enjoy the feeling as well as knowing that it is doing the animals and earth some good. I ought try for more than one week and see. If it's really necessary to shower due to humid, perhaps jumping in cold shower very quick to rinse of the smell would be ok.

  5. i thank ya'll for your comments kindly :) i've always say this: we don't have to be a hippie, or a dirt bag, or an enviormentalist to save the earth. the future is in our hands.

    we make our choices we can choose. we can choose to shower, or not to. we can choose to buy stuff, or we can not. i think it's about self-sacrifice. we must sacrifice our needs for convenience things such as flushing toilets, a moving cars, and fancy clothing to be good to the earth.

    for so long time, native people of their lands have always sacrifice by praying to great spirit. white men thought they were crazy and destroyed their traditions. man, the native people were right all along. they outlived the leave no trace ethics, they were beyond that, they thanked the earth every day, yet they lived in almost luxury of abundant foods, water, and air. no need for plastic crap, high fructose corn syrup, and gasoline!

  6. hey cass what a great vlog thanks about me i take a bath once a week and wear same clothes daily except social events which is rarely. last time i washed my hair with organic shampoo was nov 9th, 2007 my hair is great, thicker and softer i wash it with plain water when i take a bath oh i wash one load once a month cuz of wearing same clothes i aint no environmentalist but i do really care about our strong angry earth keep vlogging about ur thoughts take care love from deaf moon

  7. Beautifully said, Cass. Found your videos very educational, may have to try your method.