01 April 2008

Bottled Water vs. Tap Water

Drink your tap water... Or filter your tap water if you're not too sure about your tap water. Either option is way better than buying old tap water in plastic leaching bottles - YUCK!

Thanks, Mez for sending this our way!


  1. A while ago, Pepsi confessed their bottled water is just tap water. Scam.

  2. Speaking of bottles, AVOID all plastic bottles, including Nalgene bottles. Nalgene bottles, while better than most, still leach chemicals in your water, and there's one study that claims that one chemical it leaches causes cancer.

    Go for Sigg bottles. Check 'em out - high-quality Swiss manufacturing and rigorous testing show 0.0% leaching, even when the bottle's beat up. A bonus: they keep the water refreshingly cool for hours and hours. :)

  3. tayler, thanks for the link! that's exactly what i've been trying to tell people but... beautiful article. aquafina, dasani, all pure tap water! ugh.

    jenny - totally agree with you. i own several sigg bottles. with nalgene they'd smell after a few days, but with my sigg bottles- no smell! no aftertaste. they're perfect, and so artsy too :)

    but do also check out kleen kanteen, stacy gainok's brother owns/manages that company. on planetgreen.com, sigg came in 1st for quality/eco, kleen kanteen came in 2nd. here's the link:


  4. There was also a very good and long article about this in "Fast Company" magazine a couple of months ago. It was an eye opener for me.

  5. anna,

    is this the article you were talking about? very good one, i agree!


  6. Very true about the water; however, remember one of the city's tap water was contaminated and they had to boil everything. Not all tap water is safe! Best is to filter your tap water.

    About the plastics and containers, I subscribe newsletter, "Nutrition Action". It talks about different kinds of plastic recycling numbers from #1 to the bad #7. (Maybe Ecodeaf can put those in the website to share the numbers what to recycle and what the recyclers don't want).


    -Tina Ann

  7. tina ann,

    thanks for sharing! we blogged about plastics and how they should not mix with food & water way back in october - check this out:


    about which plastic numbers 1 through 7 can be recycled - this varies among county/cities in the usa. your website you provided was pretty userfriendly - easy to understand.. but it's only for sonoma county, in california.

    i wish recycling would be more standardized so we can recycle anywhere without checking if this or that is acceptable. i am sure they're working on this, they better! :)