06 April 2008

Drive Thru Activism: Pre-Fab E-mails

Do we have time to type emails to countless owners and managers about the importance of conserving resources? 

Here's a quick way to do this! The 11th Hour - Leo DiCaprio's site has a list of pre-fab letters you can copy. (At the website, be sure to click on: "What Can I Do?") Then you'll see this:

Just like a Drive Thru for fast food, but instead a Drive Thru for fast activism!

Now, what about the amount of magazines, newsletters, brochures and letters you receive from your college/university?  

I copied, pasted and edited the pre-fab letter from above and sent an e-mail off to the editors/writers of Gallaudet Today newsletter, see below.  Send yours off today! :)

Dear Gallaudet University Public Relations Office,

I am a proud Gallaudet Alumni, and it pains me to receive your Gallaudet Today newsletter in my mailbox today. Not only that, I receive many other things from you such as the Gallaudet magazine, brochures, a variety of letters from the Registrar's office and so on.

In the US alone, 95% of the old forests are gone. The average American uses over 700 pounds of paper each year and more than 90% of printing/writing paper made in the US comes from virgin tree fiber. Not only is deforestation causing a loss of biological diversity on an unprecedented scale, it's causing us to lose between 50-100 species each day. In addition, we lose the essential benefits healthy forests provide--they filter polluted water, remove air pollution, sequester carbon and provide homes for wildlife.

Cutting down the number of letters and brochures you print will also save you in production, energy, and transportation costs. Online versions should be offered over printed versions, don't you think? I am still very interested in keeping up to date about Gallaudet, however I'd be happier browsing online. So, please remove my name from your mailing list and add me to your email list. It would be a great way to save money for Gallaudet!

With thanks,
[Exact name/address as printed on label]

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  1. Raychelle,

    Kudos for pointing out the painful decimation of our forests and encouraging our university to step up in the technology highway and partake in energy-saving and environmentally-friendly methods of advertising. Thanks for the link - it is quite helpful.