10 April 2008

Farm Animals Party: April 27th

April 27: Host a Stand up for Farm Animals Party!
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What is this?

Do you care about humane issues related to farm animals? This is the party for you.

This supports the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF) in their work to pass animal protection laws and educate people about animal protection issues.

On April 27 at 7:30 PM ET, a nationwide conference call and discussions about federal legislation will ensue. Each "Stand Up for Farm Animals" party will call into this conference call and participate.

Click the picture on the right to sign up to host your own party and learn about the Humane Society Legislative Fund!

Thanks, DeafAnimalRow for sharing!


  1. To find Farm Animals Party in your area for tomorrow, check this out:


    If for some reason you can't make it, you can go there and make donation in your area to help raise $$ for lobbyists to protect the farm animals .

  2. You are right that there is more than one way to show your support for a cause important to you. Are you planning to go to a Farm Animals Party?