23 April 2008

Gallaudet Cafeteria Goes Green!

Gallaudet Alumni, you're probably looking at the title and going - whaaaat?!

Allow us to explain.  We first read this advertisement on Gallaudet's Daily Digest for faculty, staff and students:

"In celebration of Earth Day, Bon Appétit is declaring April 22, Low Carbon Diet Day. The café menu will be completely low carbon and each station will feature foods illustrating a key principle of reducing climate change. Diners will continue to have extensive choices but will be encouraged to taste new items that are more climate-friendly than some regular features." 

Of course I was intrigued.  Armed with my digital camera, Lizzie and I went over to the Gallaudet Cafeteria to see for ourselves.  Boy, were we impressed.  See for yourself in this vlog!

More from the advertisement:
"Bon Appétit will be implementing a series of initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25% over the next three years. Visit www.CircleofResponsibility.com for more information. It is also undertaking an educational campaign aimed at informing guests about how they can make eco-friendly decisions about their food choices.

The campus community is encouraged to stop by the cafeteria and Marketplace today to sample the low carbon selections and learn more about reducing our impact on the environment."

Click here to go to Bon Appetit's Sustainable page

Special thanks to Lizzie for being in front of the camera (not behind, where she usually is!)  :)


  1. *whaaaa* my favorite fruit (mango) is high carbon!? Well it makes sense since it is a tropical fruit. Being eco-conscious in this case would be difficult. :)

  2. It ain't easy bein' green?

  3. Im impressed! Things have definitely changed since my days at Gallaudet- I wonder if students have stopped complaining about cafeteria food? Hmm