24 April 2008

Waxing your Eyebrows? Check This Alternative Out!

Sarah Gordon bravely goes under the knif- I mean, goes under the 'thread' - to remove unwanted hair from her eyebrows and upper lip.  

"Threading" is an ancient art of removing unwanted hair, practiced in the Middle and Far East on both men and women. This threading technique can be used anywhere on the body, including arms, legs and bikini area.

How is Threading green'?  Unlike threading, waxing disposes of a lot of wax paper and wax in the trash.  Threading just uses a cotton string - nothing more! If you must remove hair, switch from waxing to threading!

Click here to go to Washington DC area threading places - HaT TiP to Jennifer!

Click here to go to Wikipedia's Threading page

Special thanks to Lizzie for filming!


  1. Wow...awesome! Video didn't work so I checked other videos online and saw how it works. This is so cool, I'm gonna try it! Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Video isn't working.

  3. my apologies i forgot to set the video to "public". it should work now :)

  4. Wow...awesome! I never heard of it until now. Interesting!

  5. Cool! This is so new to me! Never heard of it. I'm gonna try that method "threading". Thanks for sharing!

  6. I wonder, though, how much cheaper is Threading than Waxing? Can you show us the price comparison?? And, places people could go to get threading done??

  7. jachocoteaja,

    good questions. it was $6 plus tip for the eyebrows. that is cheaper than waxing which usually ranges from $8 - $15.

    like sarah said in the video, the best way to find a threading place is probably at an Asian boutique (threading is done in the back) or through friends from India. the one i went to was in springfield, VA.

    or google :) i found this tip online:

    "Where can I find cosmeticians skilled in threading hair removal?

    Check your local Yellow Pages and look for beauty parlors in areas settled by people from the Indian subcontinent or Middle East as threading is still commonly used in these countries.

    A good online resource is switchboard.com. Simply go to the home page and enter the phrase "threading hair removal" in the search menu along with your zip code or postal address and find businesses in your area that perform threading hair removal."

    more interesting information:

    Threading hair removal is a lesser known method that is kinder to the skin than many other procedures.

    It is a very economical and effective way of keeping the facial areas and eyebrows clean and free of unwanted body hair.

    How does threading hair removal work?

    100% cotton thread is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin entwining the hair in the thread which is then lifted out from the follicle.

    How long before hair returns after threading?

    About the same as with tweezing, anywhere between 3 and 8 weeks.

    How does threading hair removal affect the skin?

    The effects of threading are less than with other hair removal methods such as tweezing, waxing or sugaring. The skin may get a little red and sore but only a slight pinch is felt as a relatively large area is covered each time.

    Unlike waxing or the use of depilatories, irritation and skin rashes are avoided with threading as the top layer of dead skin is not stripped off in the process.

  8. Great information. Its not for me since i cannot tolerate slight pain. Smile!

    Do you recycle threads after shaping up eyebrows? What do they do with the threads?


  9. That's so funny because I was JUST researching on this for a while now. I had been thinking about going for threading because I am so tired of pluckings! Thanks for the Deaf friendly video! It helped and the comments helped too. Thanks guys!

  10. all in the name of vanity.