27 April 2008

Veronica Kozlowski (a.k.a. Vee)

Tempe, AZ
EcoDeaf-child & Protector of Mother Earth & founder of Deaf Vegetarian Society

ecoskills Following the #1 creed of Wicca-“Do no harm unto others”; acts of compassion; doing my 3 R’s; public transportation & walking; educating others about living Green; a vegetarian of 16 years & now converted into a vegan/raw of 9 months; practicing LNT (Leave No Trace) very religiously since a toddler; always buying 100% organic & local produces; energy & water conversion; faithful canvas-cloth grocery bag user; giving donations of old/unused everything since a toddler; using natural products for skin care; avoiding animals-tested products; no TV at all at home (except VP); self-sustaining living.

Founder of Deaf Vegetarian Society; currently studying Buddhism; mama to 2 cats; the Eco-Deaf blog community; advocating any activities of pro-environmentalism; Raw potlucks; Burners community; camping/hiking; working out; natural home-remedies; veg-sushi; a huge variety of a collection of herbal teas; loved “The Secret” & “An Inconvenient Truth” & “The 11th Hour”; currently working on going paperless; photography; animals rights & human rights; against any white-man meds; fostered a Deaf cat; recycled art and art in general; hummingbirds feeding; ASL community; Deafhood self-exploration, stopping Audism; member of Deaf Bilingual Coalition of AZ; member of AZ Deaf Theatre; hopefully future natural parenting & supporting adoptions.

contact DeafVeggieVee at gmail dot com

(To be announced--currently developing Deaf Vegetarian Society's website)


  1. your bio is inspiring!!! you go, girl!!! :)

  2. Good to see you on here, Vee, and I love what I'm reading! It was a pleasure working with you on saving Chase, the deaf cat.

    It only makes me feel guilty for not doing my bio yet. I have so much on my plate, but no excuse, I know. Only time can tell :)

    Look forward to your new website on DVS.

  3. Check this vlog out about the secret-


    What do you think?

  4. Aw, thanks guys.

    I also forgot to mention in my bio-stat that the ecodeaf blog is my home page of my web browser.