23 July 2010

A Review of Gorilla Food

Going to Vancouver on a business trip, I searched online for vegetarian friendly fare, and discovered a PETA recommendation - one of the top ten vegetarian restaurants in North America was in Vancouver! Off I went to Gorilla Food, a raw, organic, vegan cafe in British Columbia, Canada. This vlog depicts the food I ordered and the state of bliss I was in at that time :) I also discuss briefly the philosophy behind raw food eating. This cafe gets two gorilla thumbs up!

What I ate/drank:
almonds, cacao, bananas, hempseeds, date, coconut oil
Ahimsa Alfredo
Linguini “New”dles spun from zucchini then smothered in a rich white cashew cream.
Served a la carte or with your choice of dressings and a side Medicinal Mesclun Salad.
GO Veggie Burger
A stack of two veggie burger patties thickly topped with guacamole, fresh tomato slices, cucumber slices, shredded seasonal veggies and a ginger-tomato ketchup.
Served in a lettuce leaf bun.

Of course, the main reason why I went there - dessert!
Dark Raw Chocolate Fudge
Something that keeps gorillas coming to work even on days off!
Chocolate Truffles
Smooth creamy orbs of differing decadent delicious superfood pleasures!
Butterfly Bliss
Infused chocolate flowers topped with a fresh walnut and raw caramel.
Maca Choco-Roons
Cacao, coconut, maca root and dates - these are definitely the new jazz haystacks!
Chocolate Protein Orbs
Highly hemped and algae powered!
Sweet orbs made of cacao, seeds, nuts and body benefiting bounties!

And some cookies - chocolate almond pecan, orange walnut spice, etc.

Yes, I'm a big eater :) Hush! :)


  1. Looks yummy!! Its even better when its local too, as more nutrients are retained if it came straight from your backyard to your plate. I grow tomatoes and kale in my backyard, and they taste great with hummus.

  2. I loved your review of Gorilla Food. I'm a fan of the raw food philosophy even though I don't really practice it other than snacking on fruit and eating salads. A friend of mine had cancer somewhere in the digestive system (sorry I can't be more specific) and her doctor told her to take chemotherapy. However, having had watched her own cancer-stricken mother go through chemo and be horribly ravaged and still die, she wanted an alternative. She did research and asked about the raw food diet and her doctor actually scoffed at her and said it wont work. Being a cool and determined lady that she is, she went ahead and adopted a raw food diet and became cancer-free a few months later. It's an outrageous claim, I know, but it totally makes sense. Raw foods give your immune system the nutrients it needs to fight cancer and other illnesses. Raw food may not be the solution to cancer, but it definitely should be an important part of your diet.

  3. p - Agreed about the local part- considering the climate in Vancouver, I think they'd need plenty of greenhouses to meet their raw food needs during their long winters... I wonder if there is such a thing as greenhouses for fruits? Banana trees, avocado trees, etc? I would think that approach is better than transporting bananas and avocados from Costa Rica or something. But then again, what about eating while the fruits and vegetables are in season? Technically if you have a climate-controlled green house, the concept of "in season" doesn't apply as much- that's an area I have much to learn about...

    darla - thanks! like you, I don't really practice raw foodism as much as I'd like to, but I love helping support businesses like Gorilla Food! :) and i don't think what happened to your friend is outrageous... i really believe in the healing properties of eating locally, sustainably, organically, and eating them as close to their original state as much as possible (least processing). i'm really grateful it worked for your friend! i've heard many stories like this from other people as well. a good friend of mine, her grandpa had cancer (not sure what type), but was able to keep it at bay for a very long, long time - he was given by his doctor a certain period of time to live but he surpassed it by X number of years, possibly decades - by not simply being a raw foodist, but being a fruitarian! he would only eat fruits, 24/7. a really sweet and great guy...

    have a wonderful day - i'm off to the farmer's market! :)

  4. "Two Gorilla Thumbs up!" Ha,ha! That's funny but very true by looking at the list of examples from the menu that you shared with us. I'm craving for Chocolate Protein Orbs and Choco-Gorilla. I think I could have those everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    I agree about how different types of raw food play important roles in boosting our immune system and sense of well being.It would be nice to have more green restaurants and cafes sponsored by gorillas and panda bears. Forget Sara Lee breads and desserts.

    Aren't green houses getting bad raps because of the greenhouse effects? I'm not an expert with greenhouses but I was told there are good greenhouses and bad greenhouses. I guess it all comes down to calculation when comparing one contribution to another contribution. However I've wondered which are worse... greenhouses or parking lots.

    Speaking of bananas, I am reading this book Banana: The Fate of the Fruit That Changed the World written by Dan Koeppel. The book points out that we are eating more bananas than our local grown apples. Crazy, isn't it? That's gorilla for thought.

  5. Been there, done it, ATE some of their yummies! YAY!!! R - Thanks for posting up the reviews! Soon, once I have time on my hands, I will post up the workshops that are coming up in days, weeks, and months (until end of Oct)!!!

    Be on the lookout, Gorillas!~

  6. Anthony - Thanks for your kudos :) I'm totally lost on what you're talking about re: pros and cons of greenhouses. Are you talking about greenhouse effects?

    When I talk about greenhouses, I'm talking about a small glass building where you can grow vegetables/fruits most of the year even though when it's snowing outside.... because inside this building it is climate controlled, so you don't have to get your food to travel long distances to reach you. I'm not sure how this is comparable to parking lots? Maybe I'm on another planet and need to come back to Earth - hope you can help :)

    And yes, definitely gorilla for thought - eating foods out of season/out of region very typical of us... Hmm.

    Alynn- awesome! You were in the same spot before! Awwww.... my gorilla eyes will definitely be on the look out! :)

  7. Raychelle, I'm sorry for the confusion. I didn't explain clearly. When I read the word greenhouses, I immediately thought of the greenhouse effects. Maybe that's where I became confused. So, are you saying that greenhouses do not contribute to greenhouse effects at all? I am curious about the pros and cons of having greenhouses. I will have to do some more reading on this subject. My question is if we can grow bananas and tropical fruits in greenhouses locally, why aren't we doing it? Maybe it is because we will not get as much yield in greenhouses as with growing bananas in the tropical region.

    About the parking lot theory I have in mind, some scientists believe that parking lots, also known as heat islands, contribute to the increase of temperatures especially in urban areas. I am not sure how the parking lots have the relation to climate changes but I know it feels a lot hotter standing in the parking lot than standing in the grassy field.It is likely we wouldn't see gorillas hanging out and eating bananas on the parking lots because they would prefer to sit under the trees to cool down.
    This could go on for a long discussion. I'll end it here for now. And I hope you are back on Earth with us gorillas and bananas. Ha, ha.

  8. based on what i know - the intention of greenhouses (glass walls/ceilings) is to trap and preserve heat inside for the plants to thrive (and the sun still comes through to provide nutrients).

    the simple version (it's very much more complex in scientific terms): the greenhouse effect is when we mess with the earth's atmosphere (pollution, etc), and the sun heat/rays that comes to earth is usually reflected back out to space/absorbed by the atmosphere, but with the atmosphere being messed up, the sun rays are unable to get out/be absorbed, thus being trapped on earth- so it's a metaphor/analogy of earth being inside a "greenhouse", effecting climate change by increasing the heat on earth....

    and the parking lot theory applies to that, yes. black parking lots are worse than tan/offwhite parking lots, same for roofs, etc. black absorbs heat, while lighter colors absorb less.

    darla, did i say this right? :)

  9. Heya Raychelle, you got the right idea but I want to point out that the greenhouse effect is not in itself bad. The atmosphere has some gases called greenhouse gases that absorb radiative energy and they are water vapor, carbon dioxide, ozone, and methane. This type of absorption gives Earth a slight raise in its surface temperatures and is called the greenhouse effect and it's actually GOOD because it keeps Earth warmer than it would otherwise be. Without the greenhouse effect, Earth will be colder by 60 degrees Farenheit! However, with all the "messing with the atmosphere" (mainly by excessive carbon dioxide production), the greenhouse effect is much stronger than it normally is. Pollution produces more greenhouse gases so more energy from the sun is absorbed and re-emitted as heat to the Earth's surface leading to harmful temperature levels. I hope this is clear enough!!

  10. yes, darla, much more clearer!!! many thanks!!! i knew it helped to have a bio major around! :)

  11. Wow the restaurant looks SO good! Perhaps we should make a trip there from ASLTA and sample everything from the menu? :)

    I'm catching up on Eco-Deaf!! Soso good to read it again and refresh. :) I remember you made a vlog about water filter (bath filter?)-can you lead me to it?? Thanks!!

  12. Hey- maybe we can find something similar in Seattle and do a review together? That'd be ecofab! ;)

    Sure- here it is! http://ecodeaf.blogspot.com/2009/05/your-shower-is-toxic-what-to-do.html

    Hope that's the one u were thinking of? :). Welcome back to EcoDeaf :)