29 July 2010

Lawn Envy

I have lawn envy. I look at my neighbor's lawn across from my home and I see a beautiful sunny green lawn.

My own yard has many mature trees and its hard to grow anything here other than moss. I have fantasies of going over to my neighbor and asking if I can at least plant a couple of peach trees or blueberry bushes.

This neighbor is the kind that still brings home food in plastic bags. I doubt the very idea of growing her own food has entered her mind. What to do...what to do...


  1. i'm not sure if you're being ironic when you say you see a "beautiful sunny green lawn".... ha...

    because long expanses of perfectly manicured lawns are a major turn off for me... i'm like, "oh imagine what could be here for the birds, bees and butterflies... wildflowers, berries and bushes".

    but yes, how to make this point with your neighbors is another thing. one thing you can do is check out if your neighbors signed up to share their yards with you for your gardening needs:


  2. How do we remove blog posts? I would like to remove my eco-deaf post. My email is snowtigger64@hotmail.com. Thank you!

  3. hi, sure... which day/title is your eco-deaf post?