28 July 2010

Furoshiki: the Japanese art of cloth gift wrapping

Here's a link to a cool instructional pdf by Japan's Ministry of the Environment on how to wrap gifts with cloth you can use again and again. Use this next time you give someone a wine bottle, book, or gift box!! Ditch the paper gift wrapper.



  1. Sweet idea! I'm starting to get tired of giving people -new- reusable bags with their gifts inside, because most people I know already have plenty of reusable bags - was starting to think of other alternatives - ah! This is a great idea! This way they can use the cloth for other purposes in their house/daily lives... awesome - thanks for sharing the link! I especially liked the watermelon one and the double bottle one :)

  2. This is a wonderful resource! Thanks for posting, and I agree about reuseable bags- people are starting to have enough of them. However I have not seen many reuseable handkerchiefs at friends' homes, so perhaps the cloth wrappers could be reused as hankies.