29 February 2008

Vending Machine

As a student, I have a love-hate relationship with vending machines - they have so much crap in them, but when I'm hungry and nothing around is open... vending machines are always there with their -reassuring- junk food.  

But if there was a vote to ban them - I would ban them - UNTIL I SAW THIS VENDING MACHINE!

A vending machine selling donated, used books!  Those used books go for .50 cents each.  Imagine if all of our schools, hospitals and workplaces were supplied with them?  

I know, I know...books aren't too filling, but we could have them supplied with healthy foods such as these yummy organic raw food bars (Alynn and I vouch for their yummy-ness)!  

Those bars are sold at Whole Foods and probably at other natural foods stores in the energy bars section.

Out with junk food!  In with books and healthy food!
Kudos to University of Maryland - Baltimore Hospital!


  1. Japan is the queen of vending machines selling anything from healthy snacks to condoms. I so wish we had healthy snacks vending machines like that at our school, exposing our students to the world of healthy eating at earlier age.

    Is it wishful to wish that America banned all junk food from vending machines?

    To health,


  2. can you imagine we used to sell cigarettes in vending machines in public? if we successfully banned those, then why not junk food ;)

  3. Check out "My Organic Market" -- the closest MOM to DC is in northern Alexandria on Mt. Vernon Ave just south of S. Glebe. There are MOMs in Frederick, College Park, Columbia, and more but all are outside of DC. I think College Park MOM is the accessible by Metro while Alexandria MOM is a short drive from DC. They got a parking lot in the back.
    Their prices are more reasonable than "Whole Wallet", I mean "Whole Foods."

  4. hey gnarlydorkette,

    glad to meet another MOM's fan :) i frequent the college park MOM's since it's on way to my sister's place. their lovely, all organic produce whips WF's arse. unfo, no, it's not near the metro (it's on the other side of 495) - i'm sure there's a bus you can take from the metro to MOM's though.

    MOMs rock (well the store and the actual mom!)

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