25 February 2008

Leave No Trace: An Introduction

The seven Leave No Trace (LNT) principles help guide our actions to minimize our impact upon the environment. The vlog below introduces the seven principles and future vlogs will look into each principle in greater detail. Think about these principles as guidance, not only when you do activities outdoors, but also in your daily lives.

The seven LNT principles are:

- plan ahead and prepare
- travel and camp on durable surfaces
- dispose of waste properly
- leave what you find
- minimize campfire impacts
- respect wildlife
- be considerate of others

You can find more information at www.lnt.org


  1. nice vlog topic! it's amazing how much people don't know about LNT and the kinds of impact they make when they go camping & backpacking. when hiking mt. rainier, we all were required to bring blue baggies for our poop. yes, we weren't allowed to poop on the mountain. we had to bring it back off the mountain when we were done. too much poop on a mountain makes a mountain sad :(

    thankfully, i was always close to an outhouse whenever i had to go, so never had to carry my poop on my back... ;)

  2. thanks, raychelle, for sharing!

    you are right that some areas require you to pack your poop out. also, there are some guidelines about how to poop in the wilderness to minimize your impact. i can include that information in future vlogs if you'd like! :)