21 February 2008

Deaf Prom 2008 - Goods sold at ASL Expo!

Find some handmade goods sold at the ASL Expo in San Diego this Saturday, February 23rd!!

Some things are made in response to the need to reduce waste, such as decorative and reusable napkins!


  1. Deaf Prom idea and using eco-friendly tools for fundraising efforts has my full support. Although I am a teacher at Maryland School for the Deaf and know that our students enjoy their own version of high school prom, I love the idea of having mainstream students being able to reach to each other at a single yet fun location. I absolutely adore the fact that eco-friendly products are used as part of a fundraising effort. Keep up the great work.

    Dina Raevsky
    Maryland School for the Deaf - High School Science

  2. Thank you, eco-deaf, for acknowledging our handmade efforts in keeping Earth green. We are just trying to act locally even when we are thinking globally. Why not be stylish while at it?

    Please do stop by our booth if you are in town this Saturday!

    Dina, thank you for your kind words!

  3. EcoDeaf is glad to support you in your fundraising effort by bringing to people's attention the creative work you are doing. We hope Saturday's event was successful for you and wish you all the best!