20 April 2013

Sainteloi Williams Talks about the Deaf Village in Leveque, Haiti.

Sainteloi Williams tells the story how a group of Deaf Haitians banded together and relocated to the village of Leveque after earthquake struck Port-au-Prince in 2010. Williams shares how the Deaf villagers discovered and saved a baby who was thrown down in the latrine, or commonly known as the pit toilet, by the hearing parents. Imagine what it would be like to relocate to a new land to start your life all over again after going through a natural disaster?

The video was recorded on 04/06/2013 by Tony Brucato.

Stay tuned for more Haiti videos!


  1. Wow. Friends of mine at Gally just went to Guatemala to visit and share art supplies and other learning materials. I want to share this vlog with them at Gally, so that next time perhaps some of us Deaf can come and visit to bring art supplies and other goodies for cultural and educational empowerment in this wonderful community. Reminds me of Martha's Vineyard; Deaf and Hearing side by side. Thank you for sharing your experience, strength and hope!

  2. Hi Antonia!

    I'm glad to know you liked the video Please feel free to share the vlog with anyone! Soon, I will post the video of Deaf Haitians saving Baby Wilson that was preserved by Kathryn Montoya. The Deaf village in Leveque, Haiti is amazing. It'd be great if you and your Gally friends fly down there to visit the village. I will provide the web links and Facebook pages to get in touch with the Deaf organizations, and it is advisable to travel with an organization in Haiti for safety.
    If don't mind sharing with us, what's happening in Guatemala? And any interesting news or information to share with EcoDeaf?