18 March 2013


Anthony gives a brief demo on how to use miswak. Miswak is a natural twiggy toothbrush and it is still commonly used in Africa and Middle East. Miswak has been around for thousands of years and there is no reason to discontinue it due to having modern toothbrushes and dental care. Cleaning the teeth with miswak is naturally fun and it has benefits such as reducing the build-ups of plaque and gingivitis. It can be used to pass the time such as meditating or tending a vegetable garden. Miswak can be found at some natural food stores. For your own health safety, consult your dentist and do some research on miswak before giving it a try.


  1. Miswak reminds of what I use here in the desert, right here in our own country!

    Leathersteam sap is highly astringent and analgesic. It helps stop bleeding, stops the pain of toothache and mouth sores on contact. Just simply chew on it. It has a strong taste, but it goes away after a while of chewing.

    Creosote leaves slows down the rate of bacterial growth and kills with its antimicrobial activity. I think I am safe to say we can swish our mouth with this cresoste tea, however don't swallow it!

    Lastly, my favorite of all: Lechuguilla is like agave, but smaller. It has a needle sharp at tip end of its long hard...leave, stem? I look around for dried one, snap the needle off and scrap my teeth, like a floss.

    My mom always ask me, do you take care of your teeth? I say, "Yes." Then she asks, "Do you floss your teeth with floss?" "Uhh....no." I never bother elaborate it to her because she might roll her eyes at me. Heh,

    But of course, that doesn't mean we can stop brush our teeth, our food is still dangerous!

  2. Cassandra, Wow! Great info on leatherstream sap, creosote leaves and lechuguilla! I believe most of us have never seen 'em before. Would you kindly do a v-log to share your experience using those three plant-based stuff to clean your teeth?? Thanks in advance!