28 March 2013

Solar Liberty Foundation Donated Solar Kits to the Deaf Village in Leveque, Haiti.

Translation for non-signers: "Hello. My name is Tony Brucato. I am from Buffalo, New York. I came to Solar Liberty Foundation, which is is abbreviated as SLF. SLF is founded and run by Paige Mecca. SLF's mission is to donate solar kits to poor, developing nations. The kits provide solar energy. SLF donated four solar kits to the Deaf Village in Leveque, Haiti. Here I will show you how the kit works. This is the solar panel which absorbs the energy from the sun. This is the battery where the solar energy is stored. This is the whole array of chargers for cell phones, cameras and laptops. And for night times, when there is no electricity, Deaf Haitians can use these two solar LED lights to chat in sign language. That's how it works. I am really excited about bringing and giving the kits to the Deaf Village in Haiti. We thank, thank (signed it twice) Solar Liberty Foundation for the donation. Thank you very much!"

On behalf of Solar Liberty Foundation, thank YOU, Tony!
Website: Solar Liberty Foundation

Stay tuned for more Haitian stories!


  1. Awesome! Here I am from Montreal and we cant wait to get more of your news from your trip to Haiti! We didnt know there was a deaf village there! wow!

  2. Cool... I want one for myself. LOL.

  3. Thanks, Genevieve! I will share some news when I get back. And Montreal is one of my favorite cities in North America. It is easy to get around on foot and bicycle. Excellent metro system.

    LOL. Sandy. I forgot to mention that the solar kit has a USB port, not just chargers... which is cool!