21 August 2009

News: Mexico City bans stores from distributing plastic bags

Story Highlights
  • Mexico City is Western Hemisphere's second large metro area to ban the bags
  • Move comes as leading environmentalists call for global ban
  • U.N. agency: Plastic bags are second-most common form of litter
  • Bags a major threat to ocean wildlife, U.N. agency says
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Anthony's comment:
I remember reading an article about the city of San Fransisco banning the distribution of plastic bags few years ago. I was delighted to hear that news. I was hoping that more American cities would follow San Fransisco's anti-plastic bag model but apparently not as far as I know. Reading the article about Mexico City made me happy that more foreign cities are adopting the similar policy and encouraging their stores to distribute only bio-degradable bags. Encourage your American stores to ban regular plastic bags and start distributing bio-degradable bags. We can do it!

Thank you, CNN, for sharing the news.

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  1. In addition I think is better to bring clothes bags to stores and reuse them. Biodegradable bags are good but it produces energy to make them. Biodegradable bags are better than regular plastic bags however clothes bags are much better than both. The key is to cut down on the amount of energy in producing things.