06 April 2010

How to Fight Fire with Fire

by Eric Kaika

David and Goliath happened in the biblical era. To say that it could easily happen today, drop me line, I have a invisible money-making machine I want to sell you.

Wars are won by who has the most money, machines, technology and power. So when you go up against conglomerates and try to bring them down, you need to fight them on their level to be successful.

I care about our environment and the food I put in my body. I recycle and reuse, I pick up litter, I give smokers the evil eye (cigarette butts are the highest form of litter). I try to do my part in making this world a better place.

There's nothing that pisses me off faster than companies with total disregard for this planet, its animals and plants (sorry humans, you're not on the list). I have ill will towards companies like ConAgra, DuPont, Microsoft, Electric companies, etc.

Unfortunately no one man can go up against these companies and coerce them into dropping their bad habits and becoming a greener company. These companies care about only 1 kind of green, the US Mint.

The question remains: how can consumers, who are often struggling to make ends meet yet deeply care about the environment have such a tremendous impact on these corporate polluters and make them change their ways? My thinking: Wal-Mart.

When Wal-Mart places an order... its huge. Huge enough to make a small company become an overnight sensation. And for those big corporate bullies? Well, all Wal-Mart needs to tell them is: "Hey, our consumers want greener products that are healthy to the environment and free from animal cruelty." You can believe that those companies will heed to the request of Wal-Mart.

Consumers are the most powerful entity. We have pocked lined with cash that we want to spend, and we go to Wal-Mart to spend our money. That's why Wal-Mart is the largest retailer on this planet. Because they want us to continue to spend our money at their stores, they sell affordable products we want. It's not surprising that because so many Americans are now shifting towards organic foods, you can now find numerous of organic products at Wal-Mart.

I'm not saying we should all disband Whole Foods and other grocery chains, but if you want to take a bite out of corporate America, you need to fight them on their ground with the same amount of money and power, which is... Wal-Mart.

As for its "destruction" towards the environment, I haven't been able to find Wal-Mart on any list that states they are destructive to our green earth. Of course I haven't seen one on McDonald's either, but I know they are a huge contributor to unsanitary practices of our food industry. Why does anyone eat at McDonald's, I don't know... lack of values & principles perhaps.

reprinted with permission from Eric Kaika - Thanks Eric!


  1. Love this!! Thanks for sharing, Eric.

  2. Kaika, that's heavy.

    Apparently Wal-Mart is the symbol of evil empire that is eating up our planet. In many places we are faced with ethical dilemmas over where to eat and where to buy. The perfect town I can think of is Woodstock, New York. I enjoyed my day shopping there because I was able to find just about everything I need for my kitchen at reasonable prices without having to stop at a chain-store. There was not one chain store in the village of Woodstock. Therefore it was very groovy walk to the candle store to get candles, then walk to the tea shop to get teas, then to the kitchen shop to get cooking wares and utensils, then to the bookstore to get books, then to the bike shop to look at bikes, and so on. All of the stores were located within the walking distance. I prefer that kind of shopping environment instead of park the car in a gigantic lot and shop inside a boring factorial size store.

    "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." J Krishnamurti