11 May 2008

Anthony Brucato

Buffalo, NY

B.S. in Psychology, Rochester Institute of Technology, May 2002.
M.S. in School Counseling and M.S. in Mental Health Counseling, Canisius College, May 2008.

ecoskills Since the spring of 2007, I live at Plankton Co-op House with eleven housemates, sometimes more or less, right by Peace Bridge in Buffalo, NY. We share common rooms and take turns cooking dinner for the house. We host weekly vegan potluck dinner on Sunday evening. In every few months, we swap house chores and coopera
tive-related duties. I like to eat healthy food and exercise for the mind, body and soul. I would like to continue honing my environmental skills by learning new tips from eco-friendly people.

ecointerests Save earth/animals/ human rights/reuse items/thrifts/fair trades/ vegan recipes/natural medicine/ herbal teas& coffee/backyard gardening/backpacking/camping/hiking/walking/bonfires/snowboard/potluck dinner/drum circle/ASL circle/ read books/climb trees/mediation/yoga/spiritual & vision quests/learn about and embrace multi-cultures/travel/commute by bike/learn new eco-skills from others/etc.

contact naturalsignlanguage at gmail dot com

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