21 May 2008

A Green Antidote for good health!

This captioned movie/vlog was created by an Ecodeaf member. She and her father will show us how to make grass juice from rye grass growing in the wetlands of Florida.

Here are 7 reasons why grass juice is good for you.
1. Wheatgrass is an energizer for mind and body.
2. It's nutritious.
3. Wheatgrass builds the blood.
4. Wheatgrass cleanses the body.
5. It helps in weight control.
6. It may prevent osteoporosis.
7. Wheatgrass juice boosts the immune system.
Source from: www.myjuicer-reviews.com/Benefits_of_Wheatgrass_Juic.html

For more information about wheatgrass, you can check out www.dynamicgreens.com.

DISCLAIMER: Do not try this at home. Do research before you're serious about making your own wheatgrass from your own backyard. If you want to taste wheatgrass, you can find it in stores like Whole Foods or Trader Joe's (Odwalla juice).


  1. what a fabulous movie! i loved it :)

    i know people who grow wheatgrass at home or buy it from the store, but i didn't know about wheatgrass growing in the wild. it looked just like grass when your dad was holding it in his hand. is it easy to learn to identify?

  2. Awesome movie and I loved it!

    There are SOOO many things that you can do with the green juice pulp (grass that has its juiced squeezed out)! Such as... making crackers, green energy bars, bread, pates, and I could go on!

    The process that Dragonfly used to make green juice is similar to making nut mylk which is a great substitute for dairy. Yummie yum! Here's to GREAT health and longivity!

  3. My goodness! An alligator living nearby? I'm not sure if I'd be brave enough to look for wheatgrass with alligators all around. Yes, it'd be wonderful if we could have some tips on how to identify wheatgrass in the wild, and how to tell it apart from regular grass.