15 January 2010

Nature's Gate Shampoo & Conditioner

Do you remember these products? Heavenly scent and works beautifully.

The formula for these products changed in 2006 to something commonplace.

Its a sad story, but very common. Ownership of the company changed hands, so things that did not need changing were changed.

Does anyone have any recommendations for natural shampoo and conditioner similar to what Nature's Gate offered before they were sold?


  1. how about no 'poo? this website has great info:


  2. Just perfect! I was trying to figure out where to find natural shampoo after mine runs out.

    I recall seeing a website not long ago that has everything from shampoo to all other hygiene-related stuff but failed to memorize it :( Not sure if it was from here or elsewhere. This site is a great one stop place.

    If anyone knows, do share!

  3. I bought my first Nature's Gate from small health food store in Washington, DC in 1972. Then I never went back to chemical shampoo and conditioner again for many years. I still love Nature's Gate shampoo and conditioner; regardless they changed their logic image. They created special formula for color hair. I am happy with their products. I tried different brand names of body lotion with nice scent or aroma. I found Nature’s Gate body lotion was best for me. Their prices are reasonable.

  4. here's some more information on that: http://www.organicconsumers.org/bodycare/index.cfm

    basically, there's a loophole regarding the wording (from organic to organics and whether or not it is actually certified).

    there's also a list on the bottom with products that are ACTUALLY organic.

  5. Thanks, Marisa! Also, the article you shared is definitely worth to read.

  6. Thank you Marisa for the interesting article!

    I dislike how companies take advantage of the USDA Organic brand and how certain companies downgrade their organic quality by adding junks in their products to make more profits. It is like how soda companies replaced natural sugar with high frutcose corn sryup.

    I still use Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps for body and hair washing as well as my shaving lotion. When I travel or go camping, I use it to wash my dirty dishes and utensils. Also Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps are very useful in scrubbing grease from hands after fixing bikes and pants that were caught in chains.

  7. Many thanks Keri- the website you posted looks great. I'll try the baking soda and apple cider vinegar and see how it works. Has anyone else tried this before? Does that work for you as well?

    Marisa- thanks for the link. This is even more reason to stop buying products from Nature's Gate and to support companies like Dr. Bronner's.

  8. P: I haven't actually tried it but I've heard from many people that after getting through the initial hair yuckiness (hair is adjusting to natural oils not being stripped by shampooing), it works great. I am about to start sometime this week because I'm running out of shampoo and do not plan to buy any more. I'll keep you posted on how it goes. =)