30 January 2010

Recycle 3D Glasses

At theaters people use 3D Glasses to watch special effect movies like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. More movie theaters are placing recycle bins (like the picture above) in the hallway for people to recycle their 3D glasses after they are finished with their movies.

Why Recycle 3D Glasses?
  • Special 3D glasses work with certain movies at theaters and it will not work with TVs and computers at home.
  • Saving 3D glasses for the next 3D movie will not get you a discount.
  • You will still have to pay the "fee" for the 3D glasses. Even it cost extra to see a 3D movie, there is a good chance that your 3D glasses will not work with newer movies due to the improvement of 3D glasses.
  • Reduce the junk pile at home by recycling 3D glasses so movie goers will reuse them.
  • Dark 3D glasses are not sunglasses and it will not protect your eyes from ultraviolet sun rays.

If you cannot find a recycle bin to toss out your 3D glasses after the movie, see the manager and recommend their movie theater to go green. Then mail your 3D glasses to this address:

100 North Crescent Dr., Suite 120
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Read this interesting blog written by Beth Terry
Avatar in 3D: What About the Plastic Glasses?
Thank you Keri for sharing the blog with EcoDeaf.


Recycle Avatar 3D Glasses
by easyecoblog.

Permission was granted to use the image of 3D Glasses Recycle Bin copied from
Fake Plastic Fish.


  1. Some 3D glasses are polarized film. They can be used as camera filters on very bright days to darken the sky and bring out clouds. Sometimes they can be used to reduce reflections when used on flash guns.

  2. Annonymous, that is an interesting information! I did not know that 3D glasses can be used as camera filters! I guess that is a good reason to keep a 3D glasses for serious photography. Thank you for sharing.

    Keri, habla usted espanol? Estoy aprendiendo y estudiando Espanol.

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  4. Hello Nicole, Nice to hear from you. When was ecofreek.com founded? I like the concept of reusing items to reduce landfill waste. I gave your search engine a try. I think the website is off to a good start with a few improvements needed. For instance, it opens a new tab every time I click a link. Also when I click an item, it brings me back to the homepage. After tweaking a few things, the ecofreek website will be very useful. Keep up the great work. Namaste. :)

  5. That is bull crap!! I have 10 of these glasses at home and they all look exactly the same. Let us recyle them like bowling shoes...you have them use it , if you don't buy a new one at the theatre. Why should i give the industry my glasses that paid for for them to recycle and charge someone else.

  6. Anonymous,

    I understand your feeling about 3D glasses.

    Let me be blunt with you....my question is why are you hording ten 3D glasses when you only need one or maybe two for sharing? This proves that movie theaters will not give you discounts on tickets for bringing and reusing your own 3D glasses. Another thing is the quality of 3D glasses will improve along with technological changes over the time so the chances are that your current 3D glasses will not work with movies made five years from now. I totally agree with you that we should be able to bring our own 3D glasses and get discounts on tickets for reusing them. Apparently movie theaters are not bowling alleys. However if enough movie goers share their concerns like you just expressed then maybe we will get discounts on tickets.