05 June 2010

Going Green: Deaf Kids Share Ideas on How to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Going Green! was the theme of an annual contest hosted by Gallaudet's Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center. Over 645 entries were submitted from all over the USA and Canada from deaf and hard of hearing children and this online magazine shows their essay, art and photos of their ASL video submissions.

Hosting a Green contest means they need to walk their talk. And they did! They used soy ink and paper from sustainably managed forests that conserve biodiversity... they plant over 650 million new trees per year to keep forests thriving.... You go, Gallaudet!

Some snapshots of the winners below. Go see the full magazine yourself at this link. Enjoy- these Green deaf kids are our future!


  1. Thank you for your inspiring post about Deaf kids and green. Have you thought about uploading it at www.aslrocks.net? A good number of people have left DVTV because of cyberbullying. They allowed cyberbullying of a 11 year old girl and many other people. This post is about kids. People should be able to see your post there. Some people would not know where to find you. Hope to see more of you there.

  2. Hi anonymous,

    We'd love to spread our eco-message even farther so thank you for your suggestion! I checked aslrocks.net and it seems to be only for videos (not for posts like this one). Darn! But we will definitely keep in mind for our upcoming ASL videos - Many thanks again for your suggestion!