11 June 2010

No Impact Man Movie

In this movie, Colin Beaver decides he wants to make the least impact on earth, aptly titled "No Impact Man". This movie is a documentary of his one-year journey. He first started by refusing to buy anything with plastic, then buying only local/organic foods, walking, biking and taking the stairs (even if it means meeting on the 42nd floor), and eventually turning off the power to his apartment, along with his baby daughter and couture-wearing, reality show addict and coffee-loving wife!

Is it really possible to make no net impact on the environment while living in a high-rise condo in New York City? In other words, no trash, no elevators, no subway, no air-conditioning, no refrigerator, no television . . .? Go rent the movie and see for yourself!

Be forewarned - while the movie is subtitled, the special features section, apparently consisting of educational instructional videos how to do this and that... isn't. That's the only disappointment I had with the movie.

Here's Colin's blog if you'd like to read more about him and his experiences... and his book, No Impact Man.

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow! I must see this video soon.

    This reminds me how the Indians had the right idea before the white men came to America.

    Thanks for sharing!