27 October 2010

J.J. Bechhold

Cleveland, Ohio and Washington, DC/Alexandria, VA

Occupation University Student/ Capoeira Instructor

Eco-skills I wouldn't call them skills, but I try to reduce my carbon footprint by bicycling, rollerblading, running, or taking the metro to places.
Carpooling, recycling, reducing, reusing, repurposing (I try to convert the stuff I buy into stuff I would actually use instead of disposing of them).
Creating cardboard compartments/shelves/organizers.
I buy stuff from local stores and farmers markets. I'm growing some herbs and next summer I'm going to try to grow some vegetables.
I believe strongly in tea and their healing properties.
I try to not purchase commercial products, I try to buy organic or local products whenever possible.

Eco-interests EVERYTHING.
Off-the-Grid Living, Self-Sustainable/Self-Sufficient, Herbalism/herbology, Healing arts/Bodyways (Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Shiatsu, whatever), Farming and Dining/Shopping Locally, Being politically involved to support Fair Trade and our economy. Holistic health, outdoors activities, you name it, I'll most likely be interested in it.
I am mainly interested in the physical healing arts, one of the reasons I play capoeira is because I feel that it heals me in a way other martial arts cannot.

Contact makacapoeira at gmail dot com
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blog http://deafcapoeira.wordpress.com/
website http://cdodc.weebly.com/
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  1. It's great to see your bio on EcoDeaf! Are you going to add a picture of you along with your bio soon?

    I think you have a lot to share with the EcoDeaf community. I remember how you were telling me about this man who totally lives off-the-grid. I would love to learn more about that person's lifestyle and your experience visiting his site on EcoDeaf.

  2. great welcome to ecodeaf! yes, your photo where????? camera shy? can't be!!!! :)